Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Jun 21, 2014

My Reflexion on "MM4: Making Videos for the Bended and Flipped Classroom"

My Reflexion on "MM4: Making Videos for the Bended and Flipped Classroom", presented by  Vicki Hollet on Tuesday, June 17 2014. I have watched the recording
First, I should mention that once again I notice that sharing media (as opposed to screen sharing) on Wiziq may bring about some problems for the presenter (It has happened to me once). The presenter has had a rough time dealing with this problem on the  session.
The session highlights the fact that  “Everybody lights up when you put a video”.
Telling stories through videos (best practice: 1 minute videos are the best) is one way videos light up the class.. 
The presented also suggested some other things teachers can do with videos. For example, using TEDTalks in class is  favored by the presenter . These short videos help much when introducing / teaching, etc.  subjects.
As for the suggested lenght of videos: while most people believe the shorter, the better, ultimately, the best lenght comes down to what ya teacher  wants to give to her / his students. Students may enjoy transcripts ( such as those offered by TED Ed)

Videos bring a lot of things to the classroom which a teacher on his own can’t. 
We got examples of short videos that have to do with teaching English as Foreign Language
For example,
With videos teachers remove blindfolds and show much more meanings than without them.
Some people claim that Youtube has reduced the quality of videos. However, the presenter believes that the huge amount of videos produced may offer the possibility of picking good quality videos. Production, however, may have indeed been badly affected.
Video: :

Another plus is that ystudents don't have to sit in a classroom and watch the whiteboard. Teachers may build a set to use in the video they create, too. It is also possible to use parts of other people's video too (Check free stock videos)
The presenter dealt with equipment teachers may want to use.
My thoughts on the topic

Using videos in the classroom / to teach is a subject that has been dealt with extensibly. Watching this online session has added something to what I have learned about the subject
What I am going to do as a result of what I have heard.
I should try to do more than what i do now (mostly tutorials and work for the courses that I teach and / or learn). I have learned about Animoto, to mention but one example, and some other software. I hope to try them this coming summer vacation.

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