May 29, 2020

Time for Reflection in Coronavirus Times

While the Coronavirus lock-down has disrupted this school year, it has given us a chance to teach and learn English in ways that are different from those of “normal” school times.
No, I do not mean that it has given my teenage pupils more time to spend watching films in English without translation. And, no again, I do not mean thaא   ..READ MORE

May 22, 2020

LMS Pulse - Accessibility in The Israel Ministry of Education Moodle Platform

"In schools where students with special needs are integrated into the regular education classes, the sudden switch to fully online teaching and learning may have proved to be an extra heavy load for pupils with a learning disability, their parents, and their teachers.

I have been teaching English at The Six-Year Kugel High School in Holon, Israel since 1989. I remember that back in 1997,  I had a very smart and outspoken pupil who had difficulty reading and writing in English..." READ MORE

May 12, 2020

Creative, Accessible Hybrid Learning To Own The New Normal

"Creative, Accessible Hybrid Learning To Own The New Normal"

Wow! When I see my article on LMSPulse's page, I can hardly believe I had a share in this. I have to thank LMSPulse a lot.

About LMSPulse: " is an independently owned and operated resource for all things about learning management systems. Since 2009, we've been on the cutting edge of development, resources, and community events."

May 5, 2020

Visual guide to H5P and Moodle question types

As Moodle integrates H5P into it’s core distribution many teachers will wonder whether to use Moodle quizzes, or H5P quizzes.
There are challenges around this – including the very different interfaces between the two.
There is also overlap and negative interference possible here. Read more