Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Dec 10, 2017

Moodle for English Projects.

 One more alternative for 5 point - 100th grade English Projects, using TED Talks as the trigger. The following example is also a follow-up to theteaching and learning of Mr. Know All.
Human Rights Week at Kugel High School, Holon - 
Pupils have been given the opportunity to prepare a project on changing the image of people with disabilities on the in the Internet and in general. Pupils who choose to prepare this project will watch one of the TED TALKS, summarize the lecture, present one of the problems raised by the speaker, do some research on the subject, and present solutions. 
Needless to say, that will all be in English. 
As for Kugel, on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day 10/12 Kugel students in all classes have "doing work" (so as to motivate pupils to learn more about the subject) related to various human rights in various ways:
- Taking pictures that give expression to Human Rights
- Looking into articles of the Declaration of Human Rights
- Producing videos
- Finding YouTube videos that show infringement of Human Rights
- Creating Posters
- Preparing Games around various Human Rights
- Choosing songs that have to do with Human Rights so that they signal the moment to go in and out of the classrooms.
- Writing and composing a song (one such clip has been uploaded to You Tube).
This week, a team will teach a special lesson about the UN Human Rights Declaration. On International Day of Rights, 10/12 homeroom teachers will devote a lesson to the subject. Pupils will also attend a lecture by a refugee assistance organization.

Moodle for the English Classroom - Basic level

HI! It's pretty difficult to get pupils who reach 10th grade with hardly any basic English motivated to learn English. We need to find lots of ways to try to get them to be exposed to the language, and "get" something out of our effort, don't we? Books? Some don't always (often) care to have them in class. Worksheets? Give them one today and tell them to bring it tomorrow, too, and wait for the best... Some will forget those worksheets... somewhere. Notebooks? Oh, well... Some will have them in class, and some won't...But we try anyway, don't we? Cellphones most kids have in class, but not necessarily to study. And yet, I try getting pupils to access Moodle with their phones (though it's better wiith a PC or tablet), too. I use Moodle (as we have it at school), and since it can be accessed by means of that phone kids never, but never ever, forget to bring to class, there is a chance that it may motivate some pupils. In class I use the projector, but show pupils how to access the contents. Moodle enables you to put everything (Google tools included) in one place that pupils, provided they want to, can access easily. Yes: the key is "provided they want to", but it's worth giving it a try, too. Some pupils will benefit, and I at least feel that I have tried one more thing. Following is an example (Ah, sorry but this year there doesn't seem to be a chance to open the Third How to use Moodle in the English Classroom workshop. Last year 45 teachers from all over Israel finished the online course successfully, and roughly the same number did the same the year before. Well, there is no money to provide funding, and no support whatsoever. That's life. I hope those colleagues who took the course use Moodle, but I don't know)
שימוש בסביבת למידה וירטואלית בקוגל. לאחרונה מספר מורים הצטרפו לניסיון לשלב הוראה באמצעות סביבת למידה מוודל יחד עם הוראה בכיתה. אני מנסה את זה בהצלחה כזו או אחרת בכיתות שונות וברמות שונות (אנגלית 3, 3-4, 4, 5 יחידות לימוד וגם ספרדית) . יש מי שהשילוב מדבר אליהם ויש מי שלא, אבל כוון שהעולם הדיגיטלי כאן, אי אפשר להתעלם ממנו וצריך לנסות גם להשתמש בו, וללמד בכלים שלו. סביבת למידה מוודל היא עוד אמצעי ללמד מיומנויות של המאה ה-21 (ויש הרבה הגדרות לזה).להלן דוגמה של שימוש בסביבה בקוגל עם תלמידים הלומדים בכיתה יוד ברמה של שאלון א באנגלית

Nov 18, 2017

Having completed all the requirements to be accepted as a Teachers' Teacher (MORE MORIM) with the Ministry of Education this summer, my name appears on the approved list of Morei Morim at The Ministry's site. Well, as they say: "I sure am glad".
כוון שסיימתי הקיץ את ההכשרה הייחודית להוראת קורסים בחדרי המורים בבתי הספר ואני משתתף במפגשי פיתוח מקצועי שוטפים, אני נמנה עם מורי מורים הרשומים בענן החינוכי

Oct 12, 2017

Digitally Competent Educational Organisations Badge

I have completed the requirements of the workshop. I think it has been one of the best I have taken part in. EducaLab / Intef ALWAYS have good workshops thanks both to the people who create / run them, and to participants.

Argentina turística- Mesopotamia

Bueno, en los dos cursos de Jubilados en los que enseño en Kugel. la semana que viene voy a empezar a "pasear" por (y mostrar, y hablar de) lugares de Argentina (y de AméricaLatina) que no conozco personalmente, lo cual solo puedo lamentar. Pero, bueno, hay lo que mostrar, y por suerte, buscando en distintas fuentes en Internet, encuentro un poco de lo que se puede compartir. Espero lgún día ver algo de todo esto. Por ahora, la idea es empezar por Entre Ríos, Corrientes y Misiones, y luego seguir.


Oct 8, 2017

Eduardo Lina - Digitally Competent Educational Organizations MOOC: Unit 3 Self assessment activity

A link to the latest post on my portfolio for the course.

Well, I have had to hurry up and give it the final touch. Here it is.

Eduardo Lina - Digitally Competent Educational Organizations MOOC: Unit 3 Self assessment activity: Following is structure for Kugel's Organisation's Digital Plan (ODP):  1. Introduction .   Data of the organisation (You can ...