Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Nov 22, 2015

Así se muestra un poco de la música de los países de habla hispana

I am teaching my Spanish Foreign Language pupils anything and everything that has to do with Spanish Speaking countries. here is how I introduce them to a bit of the music of Spanish speaking countries. They also learn a bit of geography, too. And WORDS, WORDS, WORDS...

Nov 13, 2015

MM7 - Documenting my participation so far

Moodle Glossary and Games

Hundreds of schools in Israel are using Moodle. I guess there are many English teachers who do so with their pupils. Teachers may not know, or may not have tried a good option to review vocabulary that Moodle provides: Moodle games. Here is one way to take advantage of that
1. Create a Glossary (a Moodle resource) with the words you want pupils to review.
2. Create at least three different games based on that Glossary.
3. "Play" the game with the class (use a projector).
4. Tell kids to review vocabulary playing the games at home (hopefully they might do it).
You see, you do not need to "hunt" for many tools to do all this


Nov 6, 2015

Digital Tools Workshop at Pisga Holon

The Digital Tools workshop at Pisga Holon is on. There is so much that can be done with Digital Tools nowadays! I am glad to share some... I guess the sky is the limit, as they say.

Nov 2, 2015

Moodle Mooc 7 Nov. 1 + 2 Wiziq sessions

I enjoyed Curt Bonks session of November 1 (MM7: MOOCs and Open Education: Recent News and Research Clues - Link) , but was overwhelmed by the information he provided all along. There is much research going on on the impact Moocs have. As I see it, Moocs do serve the purpose of making it possible for people to learn in new ways, and, even more so, have access to learning opportunities that would not exist otherwise. However, I still doubt whether you can assess what people have learned doing so only online.

I liked that idea of having people who take a given Mooc meet at acafe (that is to say, meet F2F and not just virtually). Nanomoocs as a way to help people lean specific content is a good (new) development, too. And yet, I still doubt whether they can replace altogether more traditional mosed (and venues) of learning. Blending can be one way of addressing that problem.

There is no doubt about one thing, however: Curt is a great speaker!

I have just watched Anita Adnan's session ("
  • MM7: How to Work from Anywhere with Anita Adnan" 

I mean the recording - link). This is not the first time Anita speaks on one of these Moocs. As usual, she is a good example of what she advocates: Multitasking.

 Thanks for sharing your work, Anita! Kudos!