Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Dec 22, 2015

A glimpse into my virtual class of December 22 2015

This video provides a glimpse into the 90-minute virtual class offered in the framework of a Pisga Holon teachers of English professional Development Workshop. Participants have had the chance to experience Blended Learning since this virtual class follows a fully online Module on a Moodle Platform which is part of a mostly Face to Face workshop.

Dec 20, 2015

SEETA: Moodle Training for Volunteers - Virtual Class 20.12.2015

I have just had the pleasure of facilitating a virtual class to SEETA volunteers on an Adobe Connect room. This class was the first in the framework of a workshop aimed at helping SEETA volunteers get to know (and use) Moodle. The class seems to have gone well, which is great. Volunteers are English teachers from different countries, whch makes this all the more interesting. The course continues on the workshop's Moodle platform. I am glad to say that this is one of ETAI's contributions to SEETA's work Incidentally, I have NOT given up on the idea of having a similar workshop for teachers of English in Israel. My idea, however, is that such a workshop should be carried out in the framework of the Ministry of Education, so that teachers who decide to take part in the course pay just a few shekels, and when completing the course get a "GMUL". I have written about it on the ETAI Forum (I guess my article will be published on the coming edition of the Forum), and am in touch with people who MAY help me turn this "crazy idea" into a reality." Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.
George Bernard Shaw"

Read more at Brainy Quotes (link)

Link to the Google Slides Presentation

Dec 16, 2015

Volunteering with SEETA

I am about to start a workshop aimed at helping SEETA volunteers use Moodle in their online workshops. I understand that I will be interacting with teachers from different ountries. This sounds quite interesting indeed. I am looking forward to that.

Dec 5, 2015

Dec 2, 2015

English Workshop December 2015 Pisga Holon

The following clip offers a glimpse into what we have done so far, on the tools we have used, on our use of EDMODO, and on how participant teachers will be using Screencastomatic to document their work on Module 4

Our focus is both on Digital Tools and the ADDED VALUE Digital Tools and APPS provide us with for our work as teachers. Accordingly, teacher participants do not talk about Digital Skill; instead, they learn to use them, and improve by doing work with them. Undoubtedly, teachers will eventually also LEARN BY TEACHING.

Nov 22, 2015

Así se muestra un poco de la música de los países de habla hispana

I am teaching my Spanish Foreign Language pupils anything and everything that has to do with Spanish Speaking countries. here is how I introduce them to a bit of the music of Spanish speaking countries. They also learn a bit of geography, too. And WORDS, WORDS, WORDS...

Nov 13, 2015

MM7 - Documenting my participation so far

Moodle Glossary and Games

Hundreds of schools in Israel are using Moodle. I guess there are many English teachers who do so with their pupils. Teachers may not know, or may not have tried a good option to review vocabulary that Moodle provides: Moodle games. Here is one way to take advantage of that
1. Create a Glossary (a Moodle resource) with the words you want pupils to review.
2. Create at least three different games based on that Glossary.
3. "Play" the game with the class (use a projector).
4. Tell kids to review vocabulary playing the games at home (hopefully they might do it).
You see, you do not need to "hunt" for many tools to do all this


Nov 6, 2015

Digital Tools Workshop at Pisga Holon

The Digital Tools workshop at Pisga Holon is on. There is so much that can be done with Digital Tools nowadays! I am glad to share some... I guess the sky is the limit, as they say.

Nov 2, 2015

Moodle Mooc 7 Nov. 1 + 2 Wiziq sessions

I enjoyed Curt Bonks session of November 1 (MM7: MOOCs and Open Education: Recent News and Research Clues - Link) , but was overwhelmed by the information he provided all along. There is much research going on on the impact Moocs have. As I see it, Moocs do serve the purpose of making it possible for people to learn in new ways, and, even more so, have access to learning opportunities that would not exist otherwise. However, I still doubt whether you can assess what people have learned doing so only online.

I liked that idea of having people who take a given Mooc meet at acafe (that is to say, meet F2F and not just virtually). Nanomoocs as a way to help people lean specific content is a good (new) development, too. And yet, I still doubt whether they can replace altogether more traditional mosed (and venues) of learning. Blending can be one way of addressing that problem.

There is no doubt about one thing, however: Curt is a great speaker!

I have just watched Anita Adnan's session ("
  • MM7: How to Work from Anywhere with Anita Adnan" 

I mean the recording - link). This is not the first time Anita speaks on one of these Moocs. As usual, she is a good example of what she advocates: Multitasking.

 Thanks for sharing your work, Anita! Kudos!

Oct 30, 2015

Moodle Mooc 7 is on!

Here is my introduction at this new MOOC. I have decided to give SlideSpeech a try, and am quite pleased with the result.

I think the following clip expresses what Moodle means better than a well phrased definition (and I am not making fun of those, of course

Oct 13, 2015

Taller (Pisga Holon + encuenros virtuales) - fechas תאריכים ותכנים

Invitación a participar en el Taller (Pisga Holon + encuenros virtuales)
3 encuentros en una clase virtua (las fechas están marcadas en amarillo)l, 4 por medio de la plataforma Moodle (fechas marcadas en anaranjado) y 2 presenciales (las fechas de estos están marcadas en verde)

אולי השתלמות בנושא מוודל - עדכון

אתמול במהלך פגישה בפסגת חולון עם גורם ממשרד החינוך הצגתי את הרעיון שלי להשתלמות הנ"ל 
ארצית, מקוונת למורי אנגלית
 המלמדים בבתי ספר שעובדים עם משוב

אין לי תשובה אם הדבר יצא לפועל, אבל התחושה שלי היא שכן.

Sep 25, 2015

Maybe, Quizás, אולי

There is apossibility that one of the projects I have long wanted to carry out will turn into a reality. As could not be otherwise, it has to do with Moodle, Google (a lot) and other tools, all of which are a means to an end: Teach and learn English . It's partly up to me, and partly to the acceptance my proposal may get. We'll see...

Jul 28, 2015

An outcome of the Google Academy for Teachers

I guess I will use this to show what English teachers can do with Moodle (and Google, and other tools). I figure I will also present it as a way Moodle can become a huge digital book. Time will say whether this dream" turns into a reality (we still have to get a few things settled at school befaure we launch the project). I must point out, however, that I have enjoyed getting the stuff ready (there will be changes and additions, there is no doubt about it).

This video is part of the course I hope to be giving. Since I mean to teach the use of Google Tour Builder, I have created an example of a very simple tour. Needless to say, pupils will be much more creative (I hope!)

Jul 13, 2015

Day 2 at The Google Academy. July 13th 2015

A Positive Disruptor: Israel's Google Academy, July 2015

זה מה שקורה לפני שבאים לאקדמיה למורים של גוגל

זה מה שקורה אחרי יום באקדמיה למורים של גוגל

זה מה שקורה אחרי יומיים באקדמיה למורים של גוגל

Jul 12, 2015

Google Academy July 2015

¡Empezamos! Fue un excelente primer día.. We started! It was a great first day! יצאנו לדרך! היה יום מצוין

Jul 11, 2015

ETAI Summer Conference - What I tried to do, and what I hope to do

This is what I tried to covey on my two sessions

The Way We Learn: Moodle for Teachers with Pisga Holon

Link to the Google Document

The Road Taken: Moodle for Special Education Pupils

Link to the Google Document

This is what I hope to do
Please watch this video, then read my proposal, and if you want to give my idea a chance, and take part in a workshop, let me know (send me an email to 
State your name and family name, email address, school you teach at, and whether you have access to a Moodle platform at school.

I must admit that the idea I will put forward has been in my mind for some time, but I guess it is worth trying to create the movement that may turn it into a reality. Here it is, then, in two separate posts. The first one has to do with Moodle, as could not be otherwise (coming from me, at least, I guess). At the ETAI Conference this summer I have met many teachers who teach at schools that use Mashov, and so have access to a Moodle platform. Most do not know how to make Moodle work for them to the benefit of their pupils and schools. Those who know where they can learn to use the platform (either on a paid course that may cost, I have heard, some NIS 600, or on their own on the Net) do not find that to be a solution. Equally important, being EFL teachers, it would be better to invest time and effort learning to use Moodle to cater to their specific needs. I know Matach, LNET and the like do a great job teaching technology, and yet something is missing that does not meet the needs of many fellow English teachers. Accordingly, I believe we should have at least one "hishtalmut" FOR TEACHERS OF ENGLISH AS FOREIGN LANGUAGE on (yes) a Pisga Moodle platform TO WHICH ANY TEACHER OF English who works in the framework of the Ministry of Education, and / or has a user and password provided by the Ministry can gain access. This "hishtalmut" would cost what any "hishatlmut" usually costs (NIS 30 I guess), and those who carry out the tasks that have to be carried out would earn a GMUL. No less important, as with any "hishtalmut", the Ministry of Education would check that MOE standards are kept. In other words, given the fact that there is a call in the field to learn "Moodle for English teachers", and that both teachers and their pupils would benefit from learning to use this "technology", we could get such a course going in the framework of the Ministry of Education using the Moodle platform of one Pisga Center (I say, Holon's because I work there, and because there is an open minded approach at that Center that may smooth the entire process). The "hishtalmut" would be entirely online (which means no face to face meetings and no need to go somewhere to study). There would be meetings using a virtual classroom, such as "Webex" (these meetings are called Webinars), and learning on the Moodle platform. We could learn to use all that Moodle has to offer us, share what each learns to do, and come out with lots of practical stuff that we could use at school right away. To do so, participants would learn to use other (selected) "technology" tools / apps, (Google apps and the like) that can be used with pupils. We could touch on stuff such as "The Flipped Classroom" and more.
To make a long story short, I say this: (1) the technical means (a Pisga Moodle platform, preferably Holon's, and a virtual classroom) are available at no cost for the Ministry of Education; (2) a "facilitator" / "tutor" for the course who is an English teacher and so no foreign to the needs of us, EFL teachers, is available (and willing) to take up this project; (3) teachers willing to take the "hishtalmut" must say so here so that we can show (and know) that there is a call from "the field" to learn this stuff; and (4) we have the power to create a movement, but we must exercise it. In the meantime, I am the "lone nut" on this You Tube clip that Google people have shared with me before the coming Google Educator Academy Course I will be taking part in. If no-one joins me, I will remain "the odd-one-out", but if you do, then we are a crowd. Do we get all those involved to put this together? It’s partly up to you.

Link to the  post on Facebook

Here's the second of my two posts on the subject of an "Hishtalmut" that caters to the needs of English teachers: I suggest having one on using tools / apps for the "added value" these may have for our English classroom. I have in mind Google tools / apps as well as many others. It would not be technology for the sake of technology, but would certainly help many teachers who find using technology scary / a problem / etc. overcome that feeling. I know Matach, The British Council, LNET and the like do a great job teaching technology. I would not be competing with them at all. As for the "how", well, just see what I have written for the "other" hishtalmut (pay attention to the four points I have made at the end of my previous post). BTW, if this turns into a reality, ETAI would "sponsor" the hishtalmut (or hishtalmuiot) in that I would make it a point to state that this is an ETAI initiative. Schools all over israel would see that ETAI has something to offer to English teachers. Don't doubt I would know how to make that point clear to whoever wants to listen. So... Do we create a movement or just say it can't be done? I take at face value what Bob Rosenschein, the Israeli entrepreneur who spoke at ETAI today . He said something like "Don't believe that you can make a change; instead, know that you can make a change".

Link to the facebook post

מטלת סיום קורס למידה ניידת בטאבלטים במערכת אנדרואיד למורי מורים

Jul 8, 2015

ETAI Summer Conference, Jerusalem. Day 1 - July 7th 2015

ETAI on Facebook: "Eduardo Lina shares his passion for Moodle in one of the parallel sessions this morning at Summer ETAI 2015 "

Jun 28, 2015


Jun 26, 2015

קישור למסמך הציבורי בגוגל דרייב

יוזמה - פורסם באמצעות טאבלט

יוזמה במסגרת בקשה להצטרף לקורס של גוגל

May 27, 2015

My two Wiziq sessions - May 26 and 27 2015

Moodle for Special Education - Wiziq Webinar

Hi! Following is the description of the session as it appears on Wiziq:

"About the class

This webinar is hosted in English.

  Eduardo Lina will discuss “The Road Taken”: Moodle for High School Special Education Pupils - The Kugel High School in Holon (Israel) Experience 

 This session will share how I exploit Moodle to provide engaging materials in different formats (written text, audio, video, images, etc.) for my High School Special Education students,both to teach English and prepare as many of them as possible for Israel’s Matriculation exams."

I hope that I have managed to convey what I wanted to. Thanks again to Nellie Deutch.

The recording s are usually viewed by lots of people, just like I usually do since I tend to watch sessioms even a long time after they have taken place. People share a lot!

Link to Wiziq

May 20, 2015

Creative Use of Tablets - Finished!

Tour Builder - Escuelas gemelas

Ayer participé en la última clase virtual del curso "Escuelas gemelas" en hebreo. Tuvo muchas cosas buenas el curso, y otras que seguramente van a ser mejores en el curso en español sobre el cual quienes lo preparan ya están, valga la redundancia, preparando. El tema es interesante, y creo que lograr enlaces e tre alumnos / as de nuestras escuelas en Israel con sus pares de la Diáspora es bueno por muchas razones (una de ellas, para estudiar y practicar español). El curso es importante pues sirve para saber cómo encarar el tema, qué hacer, y como colaborar. En mi caso, estoy tratando de llevar a cabo un contacto con una Comunidad que no tiene escuela secundaria. En el curso aprendí a usar unas cuantas aplicaciones muy buenas, las cuales compartiré como participante en el curso. Por ejemplo, para enganchar a quienes participan, hice esto que agrego a continuación (pero lo del viaje no es más que algo imaginario, aclaro)
Este es el enlace al viaje virtual

20.05.2015 - Documenting the Breaking Stereotypes Project

Human nature being what it is, whether we acknowledge it or not, we tend to think using stereotypes, don't we? Well, at Kugel High School in Holon, having taught "Mr. Know-All" in our 10th grade 5 point classes, we teachers decided to get our pupils to work on a Mini-project called "Breaking Stereotypes". You see, there are stereotypes for teachers, pupils, Jewish Settlers, Ashkenazi and Sefaradi Jews, Arabs, football players, Hapoel Holon Basketball fans (I am one of them), and the like, so I have let my pupils work in groups or on their own to choose and break a stereotype. Since I am the stereotype of a teacher who is crazy about Moodle and using new technologies when teaching, I have got my pupils to carry out an entirely digital project. They are at it, and I have been documenting what they have done so far. .

Apr 23, 2015

Learning Diary introduction - Tablets in School

I am taking part in a new European Schoolnet Academy Course : Creative use of Tablets in Schools.

here is my introduction to my Learning Diary, which I have been asked to create as one of the activities on the course.

Link to the Learning Diary on Padlet:

BTW, the course is very good indeed!

Feb 25, 2015

Clase Virtual a estudiantes de ELE en toso israel en el marco de un ejercico del Ministerio de Educación

En el marco de un ejercicio del Ministerio de Educación de israel, Yossi Estrugo (colega de ELE en Israel y yo dimos una clase virtual de 30 minutos a estudiantes de Español de muchas escuelas secundarias de Israel). utilzamos las distintas posibilidades que nos ofrece un plataforma virtual (pusamos una presentación Power Point, llevamos a cabo encuestas, usamos un video completo de You Tube de 4 minutos, dimos la palabra a quien quizo hablar de los participantes...) El tema fue Purim y el Carnaval - Celebraciones que tienen sus características especiales , algunas similares y muchas muy distintas. Nuestro propósito fue presentar el carnaval en el marco de la cultura d e España e Hispanoamérica. He aquí una parte de la presentación Power point

Segunda parte

Video Utilizado

Jan 13, 2015

10 דקות ממפגש וירטואלי של מדריכי פדגוגיה דיגיטלית 13.01.2015

הערב השתתפתי במפגש וירטואלי של מדריכי פדגוגיה דיגיטלית של משרד בחינוך. הצגתי את מודל "הכיתה ההפוכה" כפי שאני עובד אתו בסביבת למידה MOODLE של חט"ע קוגל,.

Jan 10, 2015

Virtual Talks to Israeli Spanish As Foreign Language teachers - Conferencias virtuales en español a Docentes de ELE en Israel

חדשנות כהמשך ההתפתחות המקצועית של עובדי הוראה, בשפה הספרדית 19.11.14

בית הספר העתידי, בשפה הספרדית 26.11.14