Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Jul 24, 2014

La colina de la vida

¡Hola! Hace un rato, volviendo de Tel Aviv, volvieron a sonar las sirenas por misiles / cohetes lanzados hacia "el centro del país". Nos pasa mucho menos que a quienes se encuentran más al sur, claro. Esta vez me "tocó" estando en la parada de un autobús en el cruce de rutas que separa a Holón de Tel Aviv ("Tzomet Holón para quén cooce"). El mejor lugar para "protegerse" en este caso fue quedarme abajo de un puente. El tráfico, muy intenso, se paralizó y hubo silencio, lo cua...l permitió escuchar bien claro las explosiones de cohetes interceptando a los misiles. Eso fue cerca (se pudo ver con claridad). En fin, esto no va a aparecer en la TV ni se leerá en alguna nota en la prensa, pues "la realiad" está un tanto coloreada cuando se la relaciona con Israel. A eso me referí en un comentario (originalmente en inglés) a un artículo publicado en inglés por un emprendedor argentino / español. Tal vez les interese ver otro aspecto de "la realidad" en Israel, y leer una preguntas que, creo, se pueden formular. Saludos y respetos.

Jul 18, 2014

This is not about Moodle ...

This is not about Moodle or teacher training, or any professional concern whatsoever, but then neither was the post on the World Cup, so I will publish it anyway. I have been living in Israel for many, many years and have had all sort of experiences here, being as I am, a citizen of the country by choice. This has meant having my share in rights as well as responsibilities. It has also meant living through wars, terror attacks of all sorts, etc. I hope for peace, and am willing to pay the price for it, but terror and hypocrisy concerning Israel are something I will always reject.
There are many ways to show that Israelis don't put the other cheek to get another blow when we get one. One way is to live a normal life as far as possible, even when among many other things that involves running to take shelter during sirens. This has meant that this week, when we have family visiting us and staying in our home, I have taken them on the usual tour of Israel: a lot of Jerusalem, very much of Holon and Tel Aviv , a bit of Haifa, and so on, and everything using public transportation (bus, train, tram, and even "subway"!) . There has been a lot of walking.
Hurrah to a grandfather and grandson who barely two hours after landing from Argentina experienced their first siren a week ago, and have lived through every other one like we do, acting by the book, that is  in accordance with the IDF's Home Front instructions.
These photo albums show what we have done and where I have taken them .I like every place we have been to (having visited each so many times before, and learned much about them so as to explain what they are).
I feel very sorry about the victims of a war that is forced upon us, and quite worried about our soldiers. Indeed, living a normal life as far as possible is one Israeli way of showing how our enemies will never defeat us.

Incidentally, I adhere to Martin Varsavsky's words on this post.

Jul 13, 2014

Igual, Vamos Argentina

 Mala suerte...
Igual, ¡Vamos Argentina!
¿Alemania? Y, bueno, en fin...

Jul 8, 2014

ETAI Summer 2014 Conference session: Two for the price of One

If there is something we Israelis of all kinds like is to get two for the price of one, don't we? Well, here you are: that's what you get on this ETAI session:
  ETAI 1

See it here

This is the original Presentation

Watch a short version of the talk I had in mind

And ths is ETAI 2 


See it here (link)

This is my video report on what I actually tried to convey:

See also

Jul 3, 2014

A Summer's Reading

Well, I wouldn't say that these are the only books (printed books, I mean) that I will be reading this July 2014, but they are a kind of Summer Reading. I am half way trough "Thinking Fast and Slow", and will read the Moodle ones while I cope with Kahneman' book (the plots are somewhat different, so I guess I will manage that).

Jul 2, 2014

How to learn Moodle

I have been asked how people can learn Moodle. Part of my session on ETAI's Summer Conference 2014 on July 9th 2014 at 14.00 hours will be devoted to answer that question (the session will be on "Moodle and Google at Kugel").
This image belongs in the presentation I will be shwing and sharing that day.

Here in Israel, you can learn from books (Packt Publishing printed and eBooks are my favorites) and from courses (get Pisga and or your school to create courses where you can learn Moodle). You can also take part in a Wiziq / Moodle for Teachers Mooc, of course.

My reflection on "MM4: Teachers Teaching Online ..."