Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Jun 4, 2014

MOODLE MOOC 4 - Moodle for Non-Beginners: Task : Reflection on a Presentation on Wiziq

MM4: Creating Synergy in Online Classrooms via Emerging Technologies

Tuesday, June 3, 2014 7:00 PM

Presented by: Dr. Cheryl Lentz

The session has focused on strategies and technologies that enhance students engagement. Focusing mainly on the use of on Blogs as companions to traditional classroom work, Dr. Cheryll has stressed teachers should try to find modalities to engage pupils (("Find the the modality that is most appropriate for a student"), trying to offer different alternatives that suit different learning styles.

Most of the session focused on the use of Blogs (including what blogs are), but Dr. Cheryll touched on other Social Media, too. Blogs being a personalised journey, they are a tool that she favors very much.

While a Blog is not in lure of a traditional classroom, Dr Cheryll recommends using Blog posts to to Flip Classrooms. Accordingly, to mention but some examples, on posts before classes she suggests using an Introduction Video Biography (“show yourself in different ways, show you are a human being”), or else videos to make different points so a to leave classroom time for discussion, etc. Adding Transcripts is a good ideas, too (“Transcripts are great”)

A major advantage of creating a Blog and using blog posts is that teachers can use and reuse their blog posts (“You don’t have to reinvent the wheel”)

Blogs allow for the inclusion of different tools that may engage pupils. Using Voki is but one of the tools she mentioned in the class.

In short, Dr. Cheryll believes that teachers should leave room for creativity, using Modern technology enhances the classroom and engages students.

My thoughts on the topic

I agree with Dr. Cheryll. Using Blogs (and New Technologies) can help teachers be different, increase student interest and engagement, and cater to different needs. I like the idea of helping teachers see that being different is something that can help students remember not just the teacher, but the content they learn.

What I am going to do as a result of what I have heard.

I am going to keep working along the lines that Dr. Cheryll has mentioned. I have been trying to do most of the things that she has discussed in her lecture.

Use of an artifact to stress a point

Link to a Prezi

My reflection on the presentation

I have enjoyed this presentation very much. iI has been lively and engaging, offering me different ways to relate to the topics. Dr. Cheryl has shared her Youtube channel as well as links to blogs and sites that elaborate on the issues she has discussed.

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