Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Dec 10, 2017

Moodle for English Projects.

 One more alternative for 5 point - 100th grade English Projects, using TED Talks as the trigger. The following example is also a follow-up to theteaching and learning of Mr. Know All.
Human Rights Week at Kugel High School, Holon - 
Pupils have been given the opportunity to prepare a project on changing the image of people with disabilities on the in the Internet and in general. Pupils who choose to prepare this project will watch one of the TED TALKS, summarize the lecture, present one of the problems raised by the speaker, do some research on the subject, and present solutions. 
Needless to say, that will all be in English. 
As for Kugel, on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day 10/12 Kugel students in all classes have "doing work" (so as to motivate pupils to learn more about the subject) related to various human rights in various ways:
- Taking pictures that give expression to Human Rights
- Looking into articles of the Declaration of Human Rights
- Producing videos
- Finding YouTube videos that show infringement of Human Rights
- Creating Posters
- Preparing Games around various Human Rights
- Choosing songs that have to do with Human Rights so that they signal the moment to go in and out of the classrooms.
- Writing and composing a song (one such clip has been uploaded to You Tube).
This week, a team will teach a special lesson about the UN Human Rights Declaration. On International Day of Rights, 10/12 homeroom teachers will devote a lesson to the subject. Pupils will also attend a lecture by a refugee assistance organization.

Moodle for the English Classroom - Basic level

HI! It's pretty difficult to get pupils who reach 10th grade with hardly any basic English motivated to learn English. We need to find lots of ways to try to get them to be exposed to the language, and "get" something out of our effort, don't we? Books? Some don't always (often) care to have them in class. Worksheets? Give them one today and tell them to bring it tomorrow, too, and wait for the best... Some will forget those worksheets... somewhere. Notebooks? Oh, well... Some will have them in class, and some won't...But we try anyway, don't we? Cellphones most kids have in class, but not necessarily to study. And yet, I try getting pupils to access Moodle with their phones (though it's better wiith a PC or tablet), too. I use Moodle (as we have it at school), and since it can be accessed by means of that phone kids never, but never ever, forget to bring to class, there is a chance that it may motivate some pupils. In class I use the projector, but show pupils how to access the contents. Moodle enables you to put everything (Google tools included) in one place that pupils, provided they want to, can access easily. Yes: the key is "provided they want to", but it's worth giving it a try, too. Some pupils will benefit, and I at least feel that I have tried one more thing. Following is an example (Ah, sorry but this year there doesn't seem to be a chance to open the Third How to use Moodle in the English Classroom workshop. Last year 45 teachers from all over Israel finished the online course successfully, and roughly the same number did the same the year before. Well, there is no money to provide funding, and no support whatsoever. That's life. I hope those colleagues who took the course use Moodle, but I don't know)
שימוש בסביבת למידה וירטואלית בקוגל. לאחרונה מספר מורים הצטרפו לניסיון לשלב הוראה באמצעות סביבת למידה מוודל יחד עם הוראה בכיתה. אני מנסה את זה בהצלחה כזו או אחרת בכיתות שונות וברמות שונות (אנגלית 3, 3-4, 4, 5 יחידות לימוד וגם ספרדית) . יש מי שהשילוב מדבר אליהם ויש מי שלא, אבל כוון שהעולם הדיגיטלי כאן, אי אפשר להתעלם ממנו וצריך לנסות גם להשתמש בו, וללמד בכלים שלו. סביבת למידה מוודל היא עוד אמצעי ללמד מיומנויות של המאה ה-21 (ויש הרבה הגדרות לזה).להלן דוגמה של שימוש בסביבה בקוגל עם תלמידים הלומדים בכיתה יוד ברמה של שאלון א באנגלית

Nov 18, 2017

Having completed all the requirements to be accepted as a Teachers' Teacher (MORE MORIM) with the Ministry of Education this summer, my name appears on the approved list of Morei Morim at The Ministry's site. Well, as they say: "I sure am glad".
כוון שסיימתי הקיץ את ההכשרה הייחודית להוראת קורסים בחדרי המורים בבתי הספר ואני משתתף במפגשי פיתוח מקצועי שוטפים, אני נמנה עם מורי מורים הרשומים בענן החינוכי

Oct 12, 2017

Digitally Competent Educational Organisations Badge

I have completed the requirements of the workshop. I think it has been one of the best I have taken part in. EducaLab / Intef ALWAYS have good workshops thanks both to the people who create / run them, and to participants.

Argentina turística- Mesopotamia

Bueno, en los dos cursos de Jubilados en los que enseño en Kugel. la semana que viene voy a empezar a "pasear" por (y mostrar, y hablar de) lugares de Argentina (y de AméricaLatina) que no conozco personalmente, lo cual solo puedo lamentar. Pero, bueno, hay lo que mostrar, y por suerte, buscando en distintas fuentes en Internet, encuentro un poco de lo que se puede compartir. Espero lgún día ver algo de todo esto. Por ahora, la idea es empezar por Entre Ríos, Corrientes y Misiones, y luego seguir.


Oct 8, 2017

Eduardo Lina - Digitally Competent Educational Organizations MOOC: Unit 3 Self assessment activity

A link to the latest post on my portfolio for the course.

Well, I have had to hurry up and give it the final touch. Here it is.

Eduardo Lina - Digitally Competent Educational Organizations MOOC: Unit 3 Self assessment activity: Following is structure for Kugel's Organisation's Digital Plan (ODP):  1. Introduction .   Data of the organisation (You can ...

Unit 3 Challenge Compendium

Link to the Infographic

This info graphic meets the requirements of the challenge:

Compendium of good practices

Finally, you should begin by systematically looking at the work of others and learning from it.

We suggest that you look on the Internet for at least 5 teaching-learning experiences which are explained in some detail and show how they have used technology-enriched assessment. These should be good evaluation practices that take advantage of technology’s potential. You can gather them in a compendium of good practices, a catalogue, which should include the same sort of information on each of them. They should then be made easily accessible to you and your colleagues in your Portfolio. You could make a visual presentation, such as an infographic.

We know that you have already looked for good examples of others' practices, but here we are asking you to record these for you and for others. This compendium should introduce your colleagues in your educational organization to new and good experiences that could help them rethink the evaluation process. 

Write the public URL (web address) of your portfolio in the text box below, so that all the entries you type in the portfolio are added in the 'Evidence of Learning' tab in the MOOC top navigation menu.

Eduardo Lina - Digitally Competent Educational Organizations MOOC: Unit 3 Challenge: Kugel's Big Wheel

Eduardo Lina - Digitally Competent Educational Organizations MOOC: Unit 3 Challenge: Kugel's Big Wheel: To meet the challenge's requirements,   I have decided to create a tool that will guide Kugel teachers in their effort  to both  assess...

Oct 5, 2017

Sep 30, 2017

Digitally Competent Educational Organizations - Unit 2 - Initial activity

Reflecting about the signs of digital transformation in at Kugel High School in the framework of Unit 2 - Initial activity Of INTEF Digitally Competent Educational Organizations (an outstanding MOOC, indeed!)
Click on the image to access (choose PRESENT) to see

Self-assessment tool for digitally capable schools (SELFIE)

SELFIE is a sound, reliable and validated self-assessment tool to help schools' progress towards digital age learning.

It is based on the Digitally-Competent Educational Organisations (DigCompOrg) conceptual framework that offers a fine-grained description of what it takes to educational organisations of any kind to be digitally competent.  READ MORE

School and Technology, an indivisible binomial - A Hangout

This virtual conference, which is part of the MOOC, is very good.
This is yet another great coutse provided in the framework  of Educalab / INTEF. I have enjoyed all the ones I have taken part im (and there have been many).

I enjoy taking courses with Spanish colleagues. Indeed,  I love Spain (I do).

Linda Castañeda of the University of Murcia and Fernando Trujillo of the University of Granada will give us a global view of the #DigCompOrg Framework and explain the interrelationship between the different elements that compose it.

Linda Castañeda, de la Universidad de Murcia, y Fernando Trujillo, de la Universidad de Granada nos ofrecerán una visión global del Marco #DigCompOrg y explicarán la interrelación entre los distintos elementos que lo componen (en inglés)

  • Technology as a traversal element

  • Leadership as the first element to take into account

Fernando Trujillo (47:24): "Leadership and governance  / practices are the key to start making a school a Digitally Competent Educational Organization. They can provoke the awareness of starting to make the wheel go round...Technology, organization and education can go together".

Linda Castañeda  (48:24): Leadership is a cornerstone. Also, Ooganize wherever we have. Collaboration is important, too. Collaborating and creating a sense of collaboration and networking are important. Leadership is important, but without collaboration and networking it is difficult to implement a strategy.

Marco Europeo para Organizaciones Educativas Digitalmente Competentes #DigCompOrg | Blog de INTEF

Well, I am taking action at Kugel trying to make other teachers bring about change (Trulillo favors that)

Sep 27, 2017

PPBL in English literature, English Department - Israel's Ministry of Education

Unless I am wrong, I have been able to join the
קורס "מטלת ביצוע באנגלית- PPBL in English literature,
having successfully managed to register online. I would like to know how the English Inspectorate handles PBL work since this and Performance task work have been major components of a 60 hour hishtalmut / workshop I took this summer : I have recently completed the Ministry of Education מורה מורים להטמעת תכנית התקשוב הלאומית בתקשוב חט"ע
This should be the course for that!
חתימה טובה

Digitally Competent Educational Organisations MOOC,- Challenge 1

I have just submitted the first task:

See Google Presentation - click here

This task is the first draft (see more)

Sep 22, 2017

Digitally Competent Educational Organisations - A new INTEF workshop

I have enrolled in yet a new INTEF workshop - Digitally Competent Educational Organisations. I have decided to take part in the course in English, though I might check whether having a look at the one in Spanish is possible, too. 

Image result for Digitally Competent Educational Organisations (1st edition)

Following is my opening activity, namely a Facebook post and the link to both the course portfolio Blog and my introduction, which was the following: 

Hi everybody !My name is Eduardo Lina. I am a High School teacher in Israel. I am glad to be taking part in yet another very good Intef course. I love Spain,and like Spanish people very much, so it's my pleasure to join you. I am sure I will meet colleagues from other countries, too. I was born in Argentina, and have been living in Israel since 1979. You can learn more about me on the link below, and also on my main blog. I hope to learn how to help make the school I teach at more, or perhaps better, Digitally Competent. Thanks for the chance you provide me with. Let's enjoy the experience!

Sep 16, 2017

Viajar en español Traveling in Spanish מיילים בספרדית

Bienvenidos al Blog del programa "Viajar en Español" - un curso anual en las dos clases de pensionados en la Escuela Secundaria Kugel de Holon durante el año académico 2017 - 2018
ברוכים הבאים לבלוג של תכנית לימודים ב"מטיילים בספרדית" - קורס שנתי בשתי כיתות הגמלאים בתיכון שש-שנתי קוגל בחולון - שנת הלימודים תשע"ח 2017 - 2018
Welcome to the Blog of the program "Traveling in Spanish" - an annual course in the two classes of pensioners at Kugel High School in Holonduring the academic year 2017 - 2018 
שיעור שני - Segundo encuentro -Buenos Aires, Argentina בואנוסי איירס, ארגנטינה

Sep 13, 2017

הדרכה בסביבת למידה מוודל 3.1 - מרחב מלווה מקצוע

קישור למצגת מוודל
במצגת יש מספר סרטונים


סרטון זה הוכן בעקבות ההשתתפות שלי בקורס מורה מורים להטמעת תכנית התקשוב הלאומית בחטיבה העליונה - (חלק א' ביוני - יולי 2017 באוניברסיטה הפתוחה וחלק ב' במרכז הדרכה בשלומי - 10.09.2017 - 12.09.2017). הסרטון הוא עןד אחד במסגרת סדרת סרטוני הדרכה בסביבת מוודל 3.1 של משרד החינוך
Standard YouTube License

Aug 29, 2017

Moodle Mashov Whatsapp Group

Mashov has opened a Whatsapp Group to support teachers using Moodle's Mashov. One representative teacher per school may choose to join the group. This teacher will be in charge of helping teachers in her / his school use Moodle Mashov. I have joined the group and had the pleasure of being the first to post (After all, I am crazy about Moodle)

לאור ביקוש הקהל במשוב פתחו קבוצת ווטסאפ לתמיכה במורים המשתמשים במוודל של המשוב
מדובר במורה נציג מבית הספר שמוביל את הטמעת המוודל ורוצה להוועץ בעמיתיו מבתי ספר אחרים
ומוכן לתרום גם מנסיונו לאחרים. שמחתי להיות הראשון שהפירסם הודעה 

Aug 24, 2017

How to use Moodle in the English Classroom help

Posted on the English Teachers Communiity:
Hi! Allow me to use this post to help you use Moodle this year. Moodle is a Learning Platform or course management system (CMS) that can help you teach differently. Moreover, it is "developed on pedagogical principles, and is used for blended learning, distance education, flipped classroom and other e-learning projects in schools, universities, workplaces and other sectors" (see Wikipedia entry). Perhaps while you are getting ready for the school year, you wonder whether you can use the Moodle Platform that Mashov has made available in your school. There is a possibility that you are not sure how to do that, and you don't know of a course in which you can learn how to use Moodle. Perhaps you have looked for and found tutorials on the Web, but what you see is different from what you have at school. On a Google Slides Presentation attached here, I have put together a few "How to" videos (all except one focused on Moodle Mashov) that might help you overcome these problems. I don't know whether there will be a How to Use Moodle in the English Classroom Workshop this year, so in the spirit of ETAI, of which I am a member, I am glad to share with anyone interested. Let me know if it helps, please.

Google Slides Link

Youtube playlist link 

Aug 16, 2017

מטיילים בספרדית בכיתות הגמלאים בקוגל

 Este año lectivo, además de la enseñanza de Inglés en Yud, Yud Alef. y Yud Bet, y de español en Yud Bet, comienzor un curso nuevo en dos clases de pensionistas / jubilados que estudian en el Kugel
Comenzamos en Septiembre
El curso combina la enseñanza y el aprendizaje usando muchas y variadas herramientas digitales. ¿Y qué se enseñará y aprenderá a gusto? Acerca de España y América Latina, vocabulario esencial, recetas (¡comer!) de España y América Latina, lmúsica y baile ... Simplemente a divertirse, ¡y mucho español!. Se adjunta aquí un vídeo que permite un vistazo a algunos de los contenidos del curso. Sobre el proyecto: hacemás de tres décadas que hay por lo menos un aula de pensionistas en la escuela secundaria Kugel. Los pensionistas vienen dos veces por semana a la escuela y aprendencon los mejores maestros de escuela (bueno, espero no arruinar nada), y enriquecen su mundo

This school year, in addition to teaching English in Yud (10th grade), Yud Aleph (11th grade). And Yud Bet (12th grade), and  Spanish in Yud Bet (12th grade), I will be teaching a new course in two classes of pensioners / retirees at Kugel
We will start in September
The course combines teaching and learning using many different digital tools. And what will be taught and learned at ease? About Spain and Latin America, essential vocabulary, recipes (eating!) from Spain and Latin America, music and dance ... Just to have fun, and of  much of all this in Spanish!. Attached here is a video that allows a glimpse into some of the contents of the course. About the project: For over three decades there has been at least one pensioner class in Kugel High School. Pensioners come twice a week to school and learn from the best schoolteachers (well, I hope I do not ruin anything), and enrich their world

לימודים בשנ"ל תשע"ח - השנה, בנוסף להוראת אנגלית בשכבות י', י"א וי"ב, וספרדית בשכבת י"ב, אני פותוח "קורס חדש" בשתי כיתות הגמלאים בחט"ע קוגל: מטיילים בספרדית"
בספטמבר יוצאים לדרך!
הקורס ישלב הוראה ולמידה באמצעות כלים דיגיטליים רבים ומגוונים.
ומה לומדים בכייף? אודות ספרד ומדינות אמריקה הלטינית, אוצר מילים הכרחי, מתכונים (אוכל) מספרד ואמריקה הלטינית, מוזיקה וריקודים
ועד… רק בכייף והרבה בספרדית!. מצ"ב סרטון המאפשר מבט אל מקצת תכני הקורס. על הפרויקט: מזה למעלה משלושה עשורים פועלת בבית ספר תיכון קוגל כיתת גמלאים. הגמלאים מגיעים פעמיים בשבוע לביה"ס ולומדים עם מיטב מורי התיכון (אני מקווה לא לקלקל), המעשירים את עולמם בתחום הידע שלהם.

Aug 7, 2017

EFL Performance Task using Digital Tools on Moodle

A glimpse of the Performance Task on Moodle that I created while I was taking part in an amazing Ministry of Education and Open University workshop (June 27 - July 13' 2017). There will be a 3-day follow up at Shlomi in September, and I have enrolled. I do not know where and how it fits in the EFL program in Israel since our 30% is on Literature. I hope to use it with my pupils anyway.

Aug 1, 2017

August 2017 Moodle Podcast - Stuart Mealor has talked with me. Link to the recording

I would like to say that I am honored to  have been interviewed by Stuart Mealor and be the guest in the August 2017 Moodle Podcast. (:This month we chat with Eduardo Lina, a Moodle enthusiast and language teacher in Israel.”)


Jun 24, 2017

Lookin out for partners in an ewinning project

I am trying to get in touch with teachers who live and work in countries other than Israel) to participate in aneTwinning project. I have in mind something smilar to what I did with teachers from Spain a few years ago. It doesn't have to be using Facebook, though

Jun 21, 2017

A "Moodle course in the making"

The attached video shows yet another course that can easily be created using Moodle. This "Moodle course in the making" is part of the work done in the framework of yet another "Learn Moodle" awesome workshop (you can join that course if you want to). My point is to help teachers of English in israel see the advantages of using Moodle for Blended Learning at school. As a matter of fact, I believe the Ministry of education, which in many ways is "going Moodle" , could try to go a step further and provide schools in israel with access to their own Moodle Platform. Moodle is Open Source and does not belong to private companies. That makes it appropriate to be used in State / Public Education.

Apr 4, 2017

The Passion Project on Moodle

My 10th grade 5 points pupils will be getting the "Passion Project" ready during and after the Pesach break. As could not be otherwise, I am using Moodle for Blended Learning. You can get a glimpse into what we are doing on this short video. Moodle is much more than just a cool digital tool

Mar 11, 2017

Moodle: It's more than just a "cool" digital tool

Pupils nowadays live in a technology rich environment. Accordingly, teachers must provide interactive opportunities which motivate and allow pupils to focus on learning.  Using different “cool” digital tools when teaching English is one way for us, teachers of English as Foreign Language in Israel, to provide such opportunities.

However, while looking at apps and finding ways they can be used in the classroom is very good, it seems to me that it is better to use a Virtual Learning Environment such as Moodle, to mention the one I like best. This Learning Platform provides much more than opportunities for interaction using digital tools.
You may want to check this link to find out “Why you should use a Virtual Learning Environment”.  Allow me to quote “some reasons why:
•    Communication – opens up an infinite number of channels in the format of forums, discussion threads, polls, surveys – instant feedback either as a group or individually
•    Producing work – students do not physically have to find their teacher to hand in work due to secure virtual ‘hand-in’ folders that have time windows
•    Resource hub – teachers have infinite online storage space for ppts, docs, worksheets etc. that can either be secure or shared with students
•    Dynamic home pages – teachers have the opportunity to create an exciting virtual space to represent their room/subject
•    Links to outside sources – pathways to all other online learning spaces are linked via the VLE
•    Embedded content – YouTube, BBC, newspapers can all be embedded as the dynamic feed of the homepage
•    Podcasts & videos – both teacher- and student-produced podcasts and videos have a shared platform; again, either secure or shared”.

I have been using Moodle for a few years now. I have found that using Moodle to support my Face to face lessons in the Classroom helps me engage pupils. I believe I make my pupils study more, which is what I want, and no less important, be exposed to "more" English.

While there are  pupils who complain that they have to work harder because I have them use Moodle, there are those who say that they profit from the experience. You can't please them all.

The Ministry of Education is “going Moodle”, as this platform is used in each and every teacher professional development workshop. Most academic institutions in Israel use Moodle, too. Using Moodle, we can help pupils get used to the Learning Environment they will be using at College or University.

If your school works with Mashov, then Moodle is available right away. Jump at the chance and give it a try! You will not have to do any sort of "administrative work", as you get a space on the Platform for every course you teach. Moodle even keeps your courses from year to year, which means that you can re-use and update contents whenever you want.

If, however, your school does not work with Mashov, you will have to check whether you have access to a Moodle Platform through your school. I once heard that this can be done through the Ministry of Education, but I do not know if that is so. Check it.

There are free Moodle workshops available online, but I guess the best venue is to join a workshop that caters to your needs as a teacher of English in Israel. I hope to facilitate another one soon if I am given the chance.

If you access this link, you will be able to get a  glimpse of both how I have been using Moodle at Kugel High School, and how I have been helping fellow teachers of English learn to use Moodle with their pupils. Who knows? You might eventually want to become a Moodler yourself.


Feb 23, 2017

A glimpse into what happened on the How to use Moodle Workshop

The "How to Use Moodle in the English Classroom 2016 - 2017 Workshop" is over! 44 teachers have fulfilled the requirements, and completed the tasks successfully.  They have attended Virtual Classroom meetings, accessed Pisga's Moodle Platform to view the course's contents, worked with their pupils on their Mashov Moodle Platforms at school, documented their work on Moodle creating at least two videos using Screencastomatic, shared learning material, insights, internet sites and the like to create a Sense of Community, learned from and help each other, and uploaded awesome Final Tasks.
Would you like to get a glimpse into what has happened on this workshop? The following video clip may help you do that. Thanks for your time!

זהו! סיימנו את ההשתלמות השנייה בנושא MOODLE. אני מודה לעמיתי מורים ומורות לאנגלית שהאמינו שלא אבזבז את הזמן, המאמץ, הסבלנות והכסף (16 וחצי ש"ח - עלות הרישום במרכז פסגה) שלהם. 44 משתלמים מכל הארץ סיימו בהצלחה לאחר שהשתתפו בשיעורים וירטואלים סינכרוניים, למדו בבשיעורים א-סינכרוניים בסביבת MOODLE של פסגה- משרד החינוך, לימדו תלמידים באמצעות סביבת למידה MOODLE של בית הספר, תיעדו את העשייה שלהם לפחות בשני סרטונים שיצרו באמצעות SCREENCASTOMATIC, שיתפו את הסרטונים, הסברים, רעיונות ועוד בפורומים ומטלות, כתבו בוחן מקוון בMOODLE , שיתפו תכנים, הגישו מטלה סופית ועוד. הייתה זו השתלמות מעשית.. באמצעות סביבת למידה MOODLE אפשר לשנות את הדרך בה מלמדים ולומדים אנגלית (לא רק) בבית הספר, אך בשביל זה צריך סביבה תומכת ומורים ומורות יצירתיים שלא מפחדים משינוי. פגשתי אותם בהשתלמות. בסרטון המצ"ב תוכלו להתרשם ממה שנעשה

Jan 16, 2017

Learn Moodle - Digital Unit

Hi! Ministry of Education people (and dedicated and incredibly talented teachers, such as Adele Raemer and others who take action in the framework of GEG ISRAEL, to mention but one example) are giving Digital Pedagogy a good push. I am taking one of the Online courses offered by LNET (Digital Pedagogy), and like it very much. Since the core of each course is similar, regardless of the subject, there is a useful attempt to create a "common language" in whatever has to do with the added value of teaching with Technology (it's not just using digital tools). I believe that using Learning Environments (Moodle is my favorite, but there are others, too), can help us teachers make the most of using Tchnology for its added value.
I decided to create a short video to show one example of a Digital Unit that I hope to be using soon with my pupils. We  live in a world where visualizing is quite important  and images and  video spread a message in a way that written text does not, so below there’s a video that can will do that.
 You see, one aspect of using Moodle in the classroom that I find very useful is that "you can bring into it" any stuff you think it serves the purpose of teaching English. Instead of sending pupils to see many different tools everywhere (You Tube videos, podcasts, Emaze presentations, Google Docs, Quizlet, Websites, and the like, and this is just to mention a few examples), you can "bring them into Moodle". You can add content created by other people, or create it yourself using different tools. You do so by placing a link (on a Moodle Page, a Moodle Book, a Moodle Forum, a Moodle URL, a file you upload on Moodle, etc - It's up to you. Moodle is great as a safe environment: you and your pupils are the ones who have access to your course if you do not allow guests in. No less important, pupils will always stay in the safe environment of your course if you make sure you set the link to open either as a pop up or on a new window - they will not get lost in the Web.
The Ministry of Education uses Moodle for all its professional Development Workshops. In Ministry of Education schools, we could have the option of using it, too (not as a must, but as an option, of course), couldn’t  ? Other Learning Environments might serve that purpose, too but I am crazy about Moodle (That's life)