Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Oct 30, 2014

Teacher Training with Moodle - My Wiziq Presenation of Thursday, October 30th 2014

Wiziq Session - MM5

I have just had one of these rare opportunities to speak to / with fellow teachers from all over the world during a WIZIQ live session in the framework of MM5. As for me, who did the talking and presenting this time, it was a great experience. I hope it was time worth spending for those colleagues who gave their time  attending the session.

These sessions are recorded. Thanks to that, I often find myself watching sessions I could not attend live. I would not be able to say "how much: I learn from presenters, but it  is quite a lot. That is the reason why I said observing (and listening to) others may lead tos uccessful a"dopting and adapting" in workshops I develop and facilitate.
MM5 is an example of fruitful collaboration. Kudos to Dr. Nellie Deutch and Thomas Hodgers for opening up doors (and windows of opportunity)to share  for teachers from all around the Globe: Venezuela, Canada, USA, Great Britain, Yemen, Russia, Israel, and I probably missed a few other countries. That was a multiculurak "classroom", indeed!

Oct 29, 2014

Games in Schools

I joined an online course on Games in Schools. As I do not use games much, I guess I may be lead to use them as I learn about them. I tend to use those digital games that touch on subjects, or on vocabulary or grammar, I teach, but then I guess there is more to games than that. They call it "Gamification", don't they?
I have just read EUN's  ‘Digital Games in Schools" and learned things about games I had not given much thought about before. The prospect of using games sounds promising. Equally important, I feel I need more time to look into the games participants mention both on the FB group and on the course page. I hope to get to checks ome (at least that).
Incidentally, having so many primary school teachers who mention different games  also helps since I have to be updated on possible uses on that area ,, (I might find what to integrate on a workshop I will give on using tools in the classroom). As a high school teacher, I will also profit from what felow HS teachers introduce (at least to the extent I can follow).

Alternative assessment -a Beer Sheba morning workshop

I was at a Ministry of Education workshop on Alternative Assessment in Beer Sheba yesterday.
Sherman Rosenfeld did certainly a great job presenting the subject (he got people to do things rather than talk about the subject. This is surely in kine with the things he is interested in and teaches teachers to do).
While the subject of the workshop is important enough, I learned something else as well: Sherman spoke briefly, and showed me Ron Berger's "Leaders of their own Learning" Book. I read a few things and hope I may get  a chance to read more some time later.
A few Holon High Schools (and Kugel High School taking a leading role) have taken up PBL as done by High Tech High. This seems to be another approach which merits checking.
I am glad I was sent to attend the workshop (it was well worth leaving at 5.30 to get hte train to be in beer Sheba on time).

Oct 26, 2014

Wiziq session - Power Point Presentation

Here is the link to the presentation I hope to be using on Thursday, October 30th 2014 at 8 P.M

Pisga Holon: Moodle and "tools"

Pisga Holon Workshops in English

I have just submitted my proposal for the two workshops (in English for teachers of English). I have developed them and will be tutoring both this semester.
The following are important points:

1.    Teachers will learn the use of Digital Tools for Blended Learning.
2.    Teachers will choose digital tools according to the added value they give to the teaching and learning process.
3.    Teachers will have an online Digital - based Environment to support their work in class.
4.    Teachers will both use and present their use of Digital tools with their pupils.

I have submitted the timetable and created the first of the two courses (having met Yehudit lerner, from Pisga, and gotten excellent advice, I have managed to upload relevant and organized content into the M
oodle platform)
I am looking forward to Pisga people  publishing a detailed schedule on the Pisga Holon any time soon.

Digital pedagogy - The Israel Ministry of Education and Matach

Last Wednesday, October 22nd I had the chance to take part in this school year's first meeting of  teachers who have a leading role in fostering Digital Pedagogy in Israel. Teachers from different areas join forces in the framework of a workshop organized joinly by The Israel Ministry of Education and Matach (The Center for Educational Technology). It is altogether  good step  in the right direction.

The idea is to advance Digital Pedagogy. I like that.

People involved in this  deal with it as part of their job. Unlike me, teachers who take part in this effort are paid for their ob as either part -time trainers / tutors of fellow teachers, or developers of training programs. As a matter o fact, I work with the Spanish as Foreign Language National Inspector without the title of "Madrich" - Tutor / Trainer, and without being on the Ministry's paid list. I do work as  developer and facilitator of  workshops in Spanish and Hebrew.

The mmeting was fine, and the workshop I will be taking part as a participant seems promising.
I like the idea that we will have a framework to share and promote things together, regardless of each specific field (I will be able to see what other people who are not language teachers do, and learn from thei ideas, projects, etc.). This sounds good.

There are a couple of facebook groups that will let us share and collaborate. Even better, there is a workshop platform that seems quite promising. It'a a Moodle platform.

I hope to see good things coming out of this effort.

Oct 13, 2014

Introducing how to use PowToon to introduce Moodle

My workshops at Pisga Holon will be devoted to integrating technology to teach English. While the emphasis is on teaching and learning English, tools (applications) are a means to achieving that end. Moodle with all it has to offer is at the centre of this effort, but getting teachers to use other tools is important, too. Accordingly, there will be very little talking, some modelling, and lots of practice.
In this post, I provide a sample of what I am going to be doing in my workshops: here is how I use a tool (Screencastomatic) to introduce what we are learning (Moodle) by means of another tool (PowToon) using Voice Over to record myself.
Confused? My workshops will make it easy for you to understand.

Oct 11, 2014

Workshop Introduction - advertising the service

While developing the next Pisga Workshop(s), I decided to create this short clip. Undoubtedly, Powtoon is going to be one of the tools I teach along with Moodle

Oct 10, 2014

Text read aloud in Moodle

I am getting my next Pisga Holon Teacher Training ready. Developing it, I created this short video, which I share as a sample of one of the things that I hope to be doing.

Introducing Part II of the Text read aloud series