Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Jun 6, 2014

My reflection on "MM4: Formative Feedback Strategies and Digital Marking."

MM4: Formative Feedback Strategies and Digital Marking. Presented by:Andreas Molander Thursday, June 05 2014

                                        Marking papers!

Even though there seems to have been problems with the sound (chunks turned out to be lacking the presenter’s vpice due to technical reasons of one sort or another), I could make up much of what was presented. The presentation set out to “demonstrate how the usage of simple ICT tools can dramatically reduce the hours spent marking and at the same time intensify the learning process. The objective is to allow teachers to use formative feedback and marking strategies in ways that entice students into approaching areas where they may be struggling from different angles.” Andreas managed to convey exacttly what he wanted when he presented a technological tool that is supposed to help techers carry out this task.

Andreas dealt with the following question all along: “How do we make marking papers efficient and productive?” Andreas first presented what he termed “A realistic picture of our lives: we spend a lot of time working (10 hours marking papers every week)”, and went on to ask participants how much time they spent marking papers. The result of a poll he published (i could not see it in the recording, but Andreas commented on it), and people’s answers showed that teachers DO spend a lot of time on this task.

When we spend so much time on this task (plus some 30 hours a week working), how can we optimize our work? Correcting papers the traditional way does not do its job. using systematic error codes doesn’t help much either, as it is too general and requires much explanation.

Pupils do not learn from that, so it does not help. The outcome is that pupils do not learn from the information you provide, and usually throw your comments with their page to the dust bin.
Andreas favors an approach to marking papers that purports that feedback should always be positive and be given with regard to the individuals participating in the exchange. He views Feedback as “ a springboard for students to proactively improve their own performance”.

My thoughts on the topic
 Being a high school teacher myself, I was glad to watch a presentation given by a high school teacher (though he presented himself as a lecturer!). I liked the tool Andreas introduced.

What I am going to do as a result of what I have heard.(well,actually, I didn't hear it)

I do like Andreas' way of marking papers as shown on the broadcast (the technological tool he presented) Even though I could not hear his words, he seems to have pointed out that teachers could have one year free access to the program. I MIGHT give it a try some time later.

My reflection on the presentation
I am sorry I could not attend the live class. It seems there wasn't a sound problem then. I have learned from the recording.

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