Jan 24, 2018

Ted Talks to Improve (pupils') English

This is a post I have shared on the English Teachers Community on Facebook: Hi! Well, it's not Moodle this time, but "Ted Talks to improve your (meaning teenage pupils,) English". During the third week of February there will be the annual "Lemida Becherum" in whose framework I hope to be delivering an online lesson in English aimed at 10th / 11th and 12th grade pupils (and teachers, too, if colleagues want to join). Details are being finalized, but my intention is to discuss, show, get pupils to interact online, and perhaps inspire them to give TED a try and actually take at least one Ted Ed lesson. Some of you may have done that, too. I am trying my lessons out with pupils I teach (Nope: they are not subjects for experiments... I am just trying different ways to engage them). I would be grateful if and when that online lesson takes place, you encourage your pupils to join. More details, soon. Thanks for your time!

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