Mar 28, 2018

Using "Collabrify" to teach "Rules of the Game" by Amy Tan

The following is one example of the use of "Collabrify". This is the first time that I make use of the app, so I am sure there must be much more than can be done with the tools.

See this post for more on "Collabrify"

Mar 27, 2018

Google Drive Tools and "Collabrify": a set of several digital tools for collaboration.

"Collabrify": a set of several digital tools for collaboration.
I have just found very good Free Google supported Tools that are great for student collaboration. In my final assignment for the PPBL (Practical Problem Based Learning – English Literature workshop, I mentioned using Google Drive Tools such as Google Docs and Google Slides as Digital Tools that make it easy for pupils to collaborate. I also pointed out that I would encourage using Google Docs for a specific activity before pupils begin to work on a topic / subject / issue: "KWL". Well, I have just found out that through Google Drive it is possible to access "Collabrify", which is a set of several digital tools for collaboration. Great stuff, indeed. 
When the workshop opened, I wondered out loud where PPBL meets both the use of Digital tools and the teaching of Digital Skills as the Ministry of Education wants to encourage. Well, this is one more meeting point.
The attached video shows how to get "Collabrify", and a glimpse into what pupils can do with the tools, which, as I show, can be added via Google Drive. 

Incidentally, the attached video clip shows how I tend to use Google Tools to help pupils collaborate when "doing Projects" When encouraging pupil collaboration, via PPBL we can teach Digital Skills and engage pupils in a way that meets the requirements of the st century (team work, use of technology, etc - It's part of "life" out there) BTW, the fact that everybody (not just pupils) is hooked on smartphones does not mean that pupils know how to use Digital Tools for something other than play (as important as that can be) I just wonder how different what I show here is to using "Collabrify" (see the other video clip I have just uploaded)