Sep 30, 2017

Digitally Competent Educational Organizations - Unit 2 - Initial activity

Reflecting about the signs of digital transformation in at Kugel High School in the framework of Unit 2 - Initial activity Of INTEF Digitally Competent Educational Organizations (an outstanding MOOC, indeed!)
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Self-assessment tool for digitally capable schools (SELFIE)

SELFIE is a sound, reliable and validated self-assessment tool to help schools' progress towards digital age learning.

It is based on the Digitally-Competent Educational Organisations (DigCompOrg) conceptual framework that offers a fine-grained description of what it takes to educational organisations of any kind to be digitally competent.  READ MORE

School and Technology, an indivisible binomial - A Hangout

This virtual conference, which is part of the MOOC, is very good.
This is yet another great coutse provided in the framework  of Educalab / INTEF. I have enjoyed all the ones I have taken part im (and there have been many).

I enjoy taking courses with Spanish colleagues. Indeed,  I love Spain (I do).

Linda Castañeda of the University of Murcia and Fernando Trujillo of the University of Granada will give us a global view of the #DigCompOrg Framework and explain the interrelationship between the different elements that compose it.

Linda Castañeda, de la Universidad de Murcia, y Fernando Trujillo, de la Universidad de Granada nos ofrecerán una visión global del Marco #DigCompOrg y explicarán la interrelación entre los distintos elementos que lo componen (en inglés)

  • Technology as a traversal element

  • Leadership as the first element to take into account

Fernando Trujillo (47:24): "Leadership and governance  / practices are the key to start making a school a Digitally Competent Educational Organization. They can provoke the awareness of starting to make the wheel go round...Technology, organization and education can go together".

Linda Castañeda  (48:24): Leadership is a cornerstone. Also, Ooganize wherever we have. Collaboration is important, too. Collaborating and creating a sense of collaboration and networking are important. Leadership is important, but without collaboration and networking it is difficult to implement a strategy.

Marco Europeo para Organizaciones Educativas Digitalmente Competentes #DigCompOrg | Blog de INTEF

Well, I am taking action at Kugel trying to make other teachers bring about change (Trulillo favors that)

Sep 27, 2017

PPBL in English literature, English Department - Israel's Ministry of Education

Unless I am wrong, I have been able to join the
קורס "מטלת ביצוע באנגלית- PPBL in English literature,
having successfully managed to register online. I would like to know how the English Inspectorate handles PBL work since this and Performance task work have been major components of a 60 hour hishtalmut / workshop I took this summer : I have recently completed the Ministry of Education מורה מורים להטמעת תכנית התקשוב הלאומית בתקשוב חט"ע
This should be the course for that!
חתימה טובה

Digitally Competent Educational Organisations MOOC,- Challenge 1

I have just submitted the first task:

See Google Presentation - click here

This task is the first draft (see more)

Sep 22, 2017

Digitally Competent Educational Organisations - A new INTEF workshop

I have enrolled in yet a new INTEF workshop - Digitally Competent Educational Organisations. I have decided to take part in the course in English, though I might check whether having a look at the one in Spanish is possible, too. 

Image result for Digitally Competent Educational Organisations (1st edition)

Following is my opening activity, namely a Facebook post and the link to both the course portfolio Blog and my introduction, which was the following: 

Hi everybody !My name is Eduardo Lina. I am a High School teacher in Israel. I am glad to be taking part in yet another very good Intef course. I love Spain,and like Spanish people very much, so it's my pleasure to join you. I am sure I will meet colleagues from other countries, too. I was born in Argentina, and have been living in Israel since 1979. You can learn more about me on the link below, and also on my main blog. I hope to learn how to help make the school I teach at more, or perhaps better, Digitally Competent. Thanks for the chance you provide me with. Let's enjoy the experience!

Sep 16, 2017

Viajar en español Traveling in Spanish מיילים בספרדית

Bienvenidos al Blog del programa "Viajar en Español" - un curso anual en las dos clases de pensionados en la Escuela Secundaria Kugel de Holon durante el año académico 2017 - 2018
ברוכים הבאים לבלוג של תכנית לימודים ב"מטיילים בספרדית" - קורס שנתי בשתי כיתות הגמלאים בתיכון שש-שנתי קוגל בחולון - שנת הלימודים תשע"ח 2017 - 2018
Welcome to the Blog of the program "Traveling in Spanish" - an annual course in the two classes of pensioners at Kugel High School in Holonduring the academic year 2017 - 2018 
שיעור שני - Segundo encuentro -Buenos Aires, Argentina בואנוסי איירס, ארגנטינה

Sep 13, 2017

הדרכה בסביבת למידה מוודל 3.1 - מרחב מלווה מקצוע

קישור למצגת מוודל
במצגת יש מספר סרטונים


סרטון זה הוכן בעקבות ההשתתפות שלי בקורס מורה מורים להטמעת תכנית התקשוב הלאומית בחטיבה העליונה - (חלק א' ביוני - יולי 2017 באוניברסיטה הפתוחה וחלק ב' במרכז הדרכה בשלומי - 10.09.2017 - 12.09.2017). הסרטון הוא עןד אחד במסגרת סדרת סרטוני הדרכה בסביבת מוודל 3.1 של משרד החינוך
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