Sep 30, 2018

Assistive or enabling technology and "Lesson" in Moodle

We, teachers, teach Special Need pupils in each and every course we have. The law in Israel requires that we grant "accessibility" to these pupils. Here is where Assistive or enabling technology comes in very handy.

This video introduces the Launch ATbar in The Israel Ministry of Education Moodle Platform, which pupils can use in their computers and/or Mobile devices without downloading anything whatsoever). and a Moodle Activity called lesson which enables teachers to introduce material and test understanding in a sequence.

 The BIG news this year is that every teacher in the Israeli school system can request and have access to their Moodle Learning Environment (should they want to, it'a one for every course they teach!). KUDOS for the MOE people who have made this possible.

Sep 25, 2018

Breaking News: You can request your MOE Moodle Platform!

Hi! This can be a change maker in terms of EFL DIgital Pedagogy.
Besides helping pupils work on all 4 skills, teachers and pupils can work on PBL, PPBL, Literature, etc. To mention a few examples, you can upload content arranged the way you see fit, use it, re-use it, change it, hide it, and more.

I am aware that Moodle has a "bad name" among some people, but it does not deserve it. It's no secret that I am crazy about Moodle, but then up until now, only those teachers who teach in schools that work with Mashov and wanted to could give Moodle a try (I heard ORT schools can access their Moodle, too, but I am not sure whether this is true).

You can use the many digital tools Moodle has and many others such as Google tools, Microsoft's and more.