Oct 1, 2019

H5P and Moodle Lesson Resource to teach teens English as a Foreign Language

Using Moodle for Blended Learning can help raise the level of proficiency in English among Junior High and High School pupils.

H5P and Moodle Lesson Resource make it possible to engage pupils with activities that are relevant and authentic and provide useful lexical items to learn, use and recycle, both inside and outside the classroom. They enable Branching Scenarios, which in given circumstances may provide very good learning results.

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Sep 24, 2019

Branching Scenarios: Discrimination - Lesson Resource on Moo

Hi! I have given 11th grade 5 points pupils the possibility of working in pairs or in a team (up to 3 pupils) on this Moodle Lesson. Pupils are given a choice of activities. This is, for them, an opportunity to get a grade (alternative assessment), They will listen, read, write and eventually speak as they present to the class. I have not made it a MUST. They will choose whether they want to take action or not. I will be sharing a post explaining "Branching Scenarios" on Moodle soon

Aug 24, 2019

How to request an empty Ministry of Education Moodle Environ

Following recent changes, it is easier to request MInistry of Education Moodle Learning Environments. As a teacher, you will get (For Free!) as many as you need, and your pupils will be enrolled because they will have been registered in your groups (the "system' will take care of "the office work")

Aug 23, 2019

New post on ElearningWorld.org

Moodle in High School: Targetting vocabulary

by Eduardo Lina
I am a High School teacher of English as a Foreign Language, and find that Moodle is very good for pre-teaching, teaching and post-teaching vocabulary. Moodle enables pupil engagement. Personally engaging pupils by dealing with ideas, concepts, or people that are relevant to their lives is a good way to get them involved. Moreover, using […]

Following my short presentation at ETAI - August 21

I posted this on facebook - directed to teachers of English in Israel.
I wish to thank ETAI for both the very good Acre Back to School Conference and the opportunity to introduce more colleagues to Moodle. While talking to many colleagues, I found out that if I want to encourage teachers to give Moodle a try, I need to help colleagues be fully aware of the added value of using this Learning Management System to complement their work in class. Yet FIRST THINGS FIRST: If you work in an Israeli Junior High School, or High School, YOU CAN GET MOODLE PLATFORMS FOR FREE from the Ministry, an do not need to enroll your pupils (more on this in another post). If your school works with Mashov, then you have access to Moodle Mashov (For Free). That is something to be aware of. And now, to business: Let's consider working on Vocabulary, to mention one major topic of yesterday's conference. When you use Moodle, the platform can serve as a GLUE to stick in One Place any and all the vocabulary related material you want to have your pupils learn, review and even be tested on. You can place on one topic one of more Files (Even Folders containing many files, such as worksheets, PowerPoint Presentations, PDF...). I mean even those worksheets that you give your pupils. To do so, you add Moodle File or Moodle Folder. You can also place links to videos, Google presentations, Quizlet activities, EdPuzzle or, better yet, H5P activities, Mindmaps, and more. To do so, you can add Moodle URL, or place links on a Moodle Page you add. Of course, you can create your own vocabulary activities using Moodle Resources (such as a Moodle Book or a Moodle Page), and Moodle Activities (such as Moodle Glossary, Moodle Quiz, Moodle Forum, etc.). Your pupils will be able to study and review vocabulary outside of class if they are motivated (ah, the million-dollar question: Are they?), or somehow engaged (the "How to" of that is the 2 million dollar question).BTW, if you know the answers, share (I need your help!). You can also test them on Moodle using Moodle Quiz and Moodle Assignment. So, what is the added value here? Moodle does not forget anything, it lets you reuse the material (part or all of it) with other courses and even on different school years, you can share with colleagues, and ... there must be more... One thing is important, too: Just like we require our pupils to learn, using Moodle requires some learning. Give it a try and you might never regret it. Thanks for your time!

I added this comment:

I wish to add one example to illustrate my point. This new school year, I will be teaching an 11th grade 5 points course using, along other textbooks, ECB "High Five". Using Moodle, I can have a topic which I may call "High Five - Chapter 1", and on which I will place some of those features I have just mentioned. Two of them are links to two Quizlets ( one prepared by "alizashe", and another i prepared based on the previous one). I will get pupils to work on them partly in class, and hopefully, mostly at home. Since we must work a lot on vocabulary, I will attempt to follow Prof. Penny Ur's advice and devote 1/3 of class time to vocabulary https://quizlet.com/_6xn40g

Aug 9, 2019

Moodle for Blended Learning: Hands-On Workshop

This is the recording of my MMVC8 session. I wish to thank Dr. Nellie Deutsch for inviting me to participate and share

Aug 4, 2019

Moodle for Blended Learning: Hands-On Workshop

This is a recording of the Webinar. I wish to thank Dr. Nellie Deutsch for giving me the opportunity to participate and share.

Jul 28, 2019

Maya Sappak has shared:

"This summer I'm doing a Moodle hishtalmut online with Eduardo Lina.
I'm learning a lot about the Moodle platform and how to use it, and would like to share what I have done so far with my fellow English teachers.

Moodle has a lot of great tools, it takes a little try and error to get things right, and there are endless possibilities when we combine it with other tools like Google, Quizlet, etc.

I strongly recommend other teachers to begin to use Moodle!"

Check out Maya's work at:

ETAI Back to School Conference

Looking forward to seeing you on August 21 in Akko at the ETAI Back to School Conference. We will start off with a plenary session given by Penny Ur. We have a fabulous line up of top presenters. Please click on the link to view the program 
http://www.etai.org.il/back-to-school/ . Please contact our office for pre-registration information. A substantial discount is offered to those who pre-register. Please send an email to etaioffice@gmail.com and we will reply with the pre-registration information. 

Jul 24, 2019

Moodle MOOT Virtual Conference 2019

The 8th annual MoodleMoot Virtual Conference (MMVC19) for 2019 is a free annual online event that will take place on August 2-4, 2019. Badges and Certificates will be awarded to presenters and participants for free. https://moodle4teachers.org/enrol/index.php?id=249

Jul 23, 2019

If we succeed, my colleagues deserve the credit

The summer 2019 “Moodle for Blended Learning: Hands-on Workshop” is on.

This is a “Teachers for Teachers” initiative at its best: Teachers of English are learning and exploring together the techno-pedagogical possibilities inherent in the Education Ministry’s Moodle learning environment. (...) The National Chief inspector of English Language Education at the Ministry supports the initiative. “From my point of view, this is a grass-roots project that is relevant for English teachers nationwide and the registration reflects this. I’m sure this is a beginning, or perhaps a continuation, of a learning journey and a model of cooperation between the technology department at the Ministry and the English inspectorate”... Read more

Jul 11, 2019

A Glimpse into the work of teacher participants in the Moodle workshop

Hi! Colleagues who are participating in the Moodle Workshop have allowed me to share a video that offers a glimpse into some of the work that some of these colleagues have done so far

Here is a bit of background information:

(1) There are 7 modules and this video records what was done when module 4 was available.

(2) 100 teachers registered in less than 3 days, 86 started the course, and some participants have left for a number of reasons.

(3) Since this is an online workshop, participants have to meet requirements and due dates in order to complete their work on every module of the workshop. (

4) The workshop caters to the needs of teachers who use ANY Moodle Platform (MOE MOODLE, MOODLE MASHOV, ETC)

(5) While the workshop is run on one Moodle Platform, participants work on a Practice Area. There are four Practice Areas with roughly 20 participants having editing rights, which means they add Moodle Resources and Moodle Activities to create their Units for Blended Learning. Participants are careful not to"invade" somebody else's territory (You can see this in the video).

(6) Most participants document their work with text and screen captures by means of a Word File, whereas some do so on video. I encourage participants to share their work on video here.

(7) Participants submit work on every single unit (that is a requirement).

(8) The attached images let you know how much 51 participants reported they"knew" about Moodle when they started the workshop.

(9) KUDOS to the colleagues who are actively taking part in the Workshop!

(10) Will there be another workshop? I do not know. I guess it might take teachers of English letting the Ministry of Education know that having such a workshop is relevant and not a waste of time, money, etc.

Jun 23, 2019

Google My Map and Second Article on EalearningWorld

This is an image of a" Google My Map" featuring the places i Israel where registered teachers on the "Moodle for Blended Learning: Hands-On Workshop" teach

My second article on ElearningWorld (New Zealand) has just been published. It introduces another Learning Unit example used on Moodle for Blended Learning. As could not be otherwise, it is relevant to the "Moodle for Blended Learning: Hands-on Workshop" that we are opening today. The article includes videos that will help visualize what I explain. Enjoy reading, and happy Moodling! Thanks for your time!

Moodle for Blended Learning in EFL: One example (link)

Jun 19, 2019

Announcement: June 19, 2019 on Facebook

Hi! It has taken less than three days to have 100 participants in the Moodle for Blended Learning Workshop. Unfortunately, the request to allow for 200 participants could not be accepted (for valid reasons, I guess), so this is what we have, and is good enough. I wish to thank all those people who have made the workshop possible, and the participants who have put their trust in me. I will do my best to meet expectations. This will not be the last workshop on Moodle. We have started a movement.https://youtu.be/lbaemWIljeQ

June 18 post on Facebook

On June 18th 2019, a bit more than a day after registration opened (admission was possible for 50 participants at first), I noticed that registration was abiut to be closed, so I asked for more teachers to be allowed in.

I wrote a post on both The English teachers Community and ETNI on Facebook

Hi! 42 teachers have already enrolled (GREAT! WELCOME! The more, the better - This is a teachers for teachers workshop in which active participation and sharing is part and parcel of the outcome). I have asked 200 teachers to be allowed to join. Let's start a movement!  https://www.ted.com/talks/derek_sivers_how_to_start_a_movement?language=en 

Jun 17, 2019

Moodle for Blended learning Workshop - June 23, 2019!

מורי אנגלית, זו הזדמנות להכיר ולבנות סביבה מלווה במודל של משרד החינוך. כמה קל ופשוט, קורס מקוון, ידידותי, נגיש, מהבית, סופר נוח, ובסופו תוכלו לבנות ולנהל סביבה ידידותית לתלמידים שלכם. להכיר את האפשרויות של המודל (כולל מוודל משוב!) ורכיבים שיעשירו את ההוראה בכיתה. 
שם ההשתלמות:  - Moodle for Blended Learning: Hands-on Workshop
מספר סידורי 339
הצטרפו עוד היום
שאר הפרטים והרשמה בקישור זה.

Sign up for the Moodle for Blended Learning: A Hands-on Workshop. Here are some reasons why you should join: It is THE summer workshop that will get you ready for the next school year. It is entirely online. It caters to the needs of JHS and HS teachers in Israel. It is a step-by-step workshop. It brings together teachers from all over Israel. It suits teaching in any type of JHS or HS. It is an official Ministry of Education Workshop. It is a workshop that will let you earn a GMUL. It is just NIS 16.50 . It is interactive. It is aimed at sharing. It is fun. It is a must.

May 27, 2019

Assistive or enabling technology and "Lesson" in Moodle

Part of last night's MOODLE webinar had to do with Accessibility. ICT MInistry of Education people HAVE DONE A GREAT JOB as far as this topic is concerned. The attached video focuses on that. See how you can help your pupils when using MOE Moodle . FROM wikipedia: "Accessibility is the design of products, devices, services, or environments for people with disabilities. The concept of accessible design and practice of accessible development ensures both "direct access" (i.e. unassisted) and "indirect access" meaning compatibility with a person's assistive technology (for example, computer screen readers).

Accessibility can be viewed as the "ability to access" and benefit from some system or entity. The concept focuses on enabling access for people with disabilities, or special needs, or enabling access through the use of assistive technology..."

May 6, 2019

First Moodle Webinar and Webinars reminder

The first "How to Use The Ministry of Education Moodle Learning Environment in the English Classroom" is today! here is a brief reminder (1 minute) See you on the Moodle in English Sessions
Join the sessions

Apr 27, 2019

Announcing the "My Digital Environment" series - The first broadcast will be on May 6th

Facebook announcement

English teachers are invited to join a series of online sessions on Moodle and digital tools given by the Ministry of Education. You can choose to join any of the sessions. See more information here https://pop.education.gov.il/…/kol-…/moodle-lmorei-anglit-1/
השידורים בסדרת "מוודל למורי אנגלית":
6/5/19 ב 20:00 - מתכון להצלחה
19/5/19 ב 20:00 - שיפור המוטיבציה ותוצאות הלמידה 
26/5/19 ב 20:00 - התנסות והפעלה
Registration, topics, times and dates are here https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLScpmSbx-EXPLQ3EvD…/viewform
If you have any questions please contact Eduardo Lina who is the instructor of this course.


Mar 29, 2019

It is Moodle yet again

It seems that this time it is going to come true:  With great help and trust from both  Ronit Maor and Limor Leibovitz (ICT techno-pedagogical National Guides - The Ministry of Education, Israel), i will be taking part in the Ministry of Education series "My Digital Environment" , lecturing, as could not be otherwise, on How to use The Ministry of Education Moodle learning Environment in the English Classroom"

The following is my proposal for the the first session in the series

Introducing the first session on Moodle in the series "My Digital Environment. This video is part of a series on How to use The Ministry of Education Moodle Learning Environment in the English Classroom.

More on this, soon

Feb 17, 2019

Message to EL AL flight attendants - הודעה לדיילי ודיילות אל על

Gabriela Lina (Español + English): No tengo una buena forma de escribirlo. Quería agradecer en mi nombre yen el de mi padre a todos aquellos que en los últimos años recordaron mi solicitud de periódicos en español de Madrid y Barcelona para mi abuela. Mi abuela falleció ayer después de dos meses en los que realmente sufrió, pero tengan la seguridad de que los periódicos de los últimos años fueron un gran consuelo para ella.
Gracias y gracias de nuevo

I do not have a good way to write it. I wanted to thank ןמ my name and my father's name to all those who in recent years remembered my request for Spanish newspapers from Madrid and Barcelona flights for my grandmother. Grandmother died yesterday after two months during which she really suffered, but be sure that the newspapers in recent years were a great comfort for her
Thanks and thanks again

Zulema Lina (z"l) 15.02.2019 - זולמה לינה (ז"ל)

בעברית בספרדית ובאנגלית - Hebreo, English Español.קשה לקלוט, למרות העובדה שזה "בדרך כל בשר" : אמא שלי הלכה לעולמה. סולא לינה (ז"ל). אהבנו אותה ונהננו מאהבת החיים שלה. סולא אהבה לצייר, אבל בשנים האחרונות, כיוון שבין היתר סבלה ממחלת הפרקינסון, היא התמקדה יותר בקריאה. עוד בילדותה, כאשר משפחתה עברה מה"מושבות היהודיות" בארגנטינה לבואנוס איירס, סולא גילתה את הקיום של של ספריות ציבוריות וקראה, וקראה וקראה… לא משנה איכן היא עברה לגור, היא תמיד מצאה ספרייה וספרים, מגזינים, עיתונים… בשנים האחרונות, מה לא עשינו כדי להביא לה ספרים? היא קראה את כל הספרים בספרדית שיש בספריה בחולון, וכל מה שהשגנו (קנינו ספרים, וגם קיבלנו מחברים, וממכרים). הנכדות התגייסו למשימה, ובמיוחד גבריאלה. בכל מועד בו במסגרת העבודה שלה כדיילת היא הייתה בברצלונה, גבריאלה נכנסה לחנות ספרי יד שנייה במצב טוב מרשת מתוינת, תקשרה איתי באמצעות ווטסאפ, וכך בחרנו ביחד אלו ספרים להביא לסולא (היא לא אהבה "כל דבר"!). גבריאלה גם הביאה מה לקרוא כאשר היא טסה ליעדים אחרים , גם בטנסיעות פרטיות. גם מאיה התגייסה. וכמובן שסוזי ואני בכל הזדמנות בה נסענו והצלחנו למצוא מה להביא. נראה לי שהמעשה המיוחד והמרגש ביותר הוא זה של דיילי ודיילות אל על שנענו לקריאה של גבריאלה והתגייסו למשימה: להביא לסבתא של גבריאלה עיתונים בספרדית שנשארו אחרי טיסה מברצלונה או מדריד. איך לא לאהוב את אל על? (תודה מקרב לב!).
סולא סבלה מאד לאחרונה, ואנחנו איתה. אמא: תנוחי בשלום על משכבך .אוהבים וזוכרים אותך

אין לי דרך טובה לכתוב את זה. רציתי להודות בשמי ובשם אבא שלי לכל מי שבשנים האחרונות זכר את בקשתי לעיתונים בספרדית מטיסות מדריד וברצלונה עבור סבתא שלי. סבתא נפטרה אתמול לאחר חודשיים בהם באמת סבלה אבל תהיו בטוחים שהעיתונים בשנים האחרונות היו נחמה גדולה עבורה
תודה ושוב תודה

It's hard to understand, even though it's "the way of all flesh": my mom passed away. Zulema (z "l). We loved her and enjoyed her love of life. Zule liked drawing, but in recent years, because she suffered from Parkinson's disease, she focused more on reading Already in her childhood, when her family moved from the" Jewish Colonies " in Argentina to Buenos Aires, Zule discovered the existence of public libraries and read, read and read ... No matter where she moved, Zule always found a library and books, magazines, newspapers ... In recent years, what have we not done to bring her books? She read all the books in Spanish available at the Holon municipal library, and everything we got (we bought books, and we also received many from friends and acquaintances).

Her granddaughters collaborated, and especially Gabriela. In every opportunity that as a flight attendant, Gabriela traveled and stayed for a weekend in Barcelona, she entered a shop selling second-hand books in very good condition ( the Re-Read network) ), she communicated with me through Whatsaap, and, together, we chose what to bring her. And Gabri also brought the newspapers that were left on the plane when she just flew to Barcelona or Madrid and back on the same flight. AYet from the United States, or anywhere in Europe where she was, she looked for what to bring to read in Spanish. Maia Lina also did it, and Susy Fryd and I when we traveled. I think the most special and exciting thing is what EL AL flight attendants did for Zule: many responded to Gabriela’s call and joined the mission: to get Gabriela's grandmother the Spanish newspapers that had been left on Barcelona or Madrid flights. How not to love El A?l (thank you from the bottom of my heart!).
Zule suffered a lot in her final monthsת and we with her. She will always be with us. Mom: Rest in peace.

"I do not have a good way to write it. I wanted to thank ןמ my name and my father's name to all those who in recent years remembered my request for Spanish newspapers from Madrid and Barcelona flights for my grandmother. Grandmother died yesterday after two months during which she really suffered, but be sure that the newspapers in recent years were a great comfort for her
Thanks and thanks again" Gabriela Lina

Es difícil de entender, a pesar de que es "el camino de toda carne": mi mamá falleció. Zulema (z”l). La amamos y disfrutamos su amor por la vida. A Zule le gustaba dibujar , pero en los últimos años, debido a que padecía la enfermedad de Parkinson, se centró más en la lectura.Ya en su infancia, cuando su familia se mudó de las "Colonias Judías" de Argentina a Buenos Aires, Zule descubrió la existencia de bibliotecas públicas y leyó, leyó y leyó ... No importa a dónde se mudó, Zule siempre encontró una biblioteca y libros, revistas, periódicos ... En los últimos años, ¿qué no hemos hecho para traerle libros? Leyó todos los libros en español de la biblioteca municipal de Holon , y todo lo que conseguimos (compramos libros y también recibimos de amigos y conocidos). Sus nietas colaboraron, y sobre todo Gabriela, quién en cada oportunidad en que como azafata viajaba y permanecía por un fin de semana en Barcelona, entraba en un comercio de venta de libros de segunda mano en muy buen estado (de la red Re-Read), se comunicaba conmigo por medio de Whatsaap, y juntos elegímos qué traerle. Y también traía periódicos cuando volaba tan solo a Barcelona o Madrid. Y de Estados Unidos o en cualquier punto de Europa en donde estaba, buscaba lo que traerle para leer en español. También Maia Lina lo hizo, y Susy Fryd y yo cuando podíamos traíamos no pocos libros y periódicos. Creo que lo más especial y emocionante es lo hecho por asistentes de vuelo y azafatas de EL AL: muchos y muchas respondieron a la llamada de Gabriela y se unieron a la misión: hacerle llegar a la abuela de Gabriela los periódicos españoles que habían quedado de vuelos de Barcelona o Madrid. Cómo no amar a El Al (gracias desde el fondo de mi corazón!).
Zule sufrió mucho en su final, y nosotros con ella. Siempre estará con nosotros. Mamá: Descansá en paz.

"No tengo una buena forma de escribirlo. Quería agradecer en mi nombre yen el de mi padre a todos aquellos que en los últimos años recordaron mi solicitud de periódicos en español de Madrid y Barcelona para mi abuela. Mi abuela falleció ayer después de dos meses en los que realmente sufrió, pero tengan la seguridad de que los periódicos de los últimos años fueron un gran consuelo para ella.
Gracias y gracias de nuevo" - Gabriela Lina

The New Module E Bagrut Exam with MOODLE

This is ONE example of how The Ministry of Education Moodle Platform can be effective in helping pupils prepare for the New Module E Bagrut exam. Pupils can improve BOTH their English AND their digital skills.