Jan 31, 2018

הזמנה להצטרף לשיעור בעקבות המוצ'ילרוס 19.02.2018

הזמנה לתלמידי תיכון בכל הארץ. מטיילים בספרדית (ובעברית) בעקבות המוצ'ילרוס במסגרת תרגיל צו 8 למידה בחירום 2018. שיעור וירטואלי ב 19 פברואר החל מהשעה 18:00 ועד 18:30. פרטים בסרטון. נקווה להשתתפות תלמידים (ומורים - ולא רק כאלה שכבר לומדים ספרדית) מכל הארץ. הקצב הוא זה של ספרד + דרום ומרכז אמריקה. לא יכול להיות שקט! בואו להכיר את החלק של יבשת אמריקה היפה ביותר (המרכז והדרום), וגם קצת ספרד. NOS VEMOS
promoción de la clase virtual del 19.02.2018 desde las 18:00 hasta las 18Ñ30 hs en el marco del Targuil Lemida bejerum - Ejercicio de aprendizaje en situación de emergencia (para qué explicar cuál...) La idea es pasear siguiendo el camino de los Mochileros, y hacerlo a ritmo español y latinoamericano, y pasarlo bien.

Ted Talks to improve your pupils' English - "Lemida Becherum

הזמנה לתלמידי חט"ע בכל הארץ: תיכון קוגל (טוב, אני מקוגל) משתתף באופן פעיל במסגרת צו 8 תרגיל למידה בחירום. פרטים אודות השיעור שיתקיים ב 19.02.2018 החל משעה 17:00 ועד 17:30 בסרטון
. Pupils (and and their teachers, of course, though we have pupils in mind when giving this venue for virtual learning a try) are all invited to join the session. It"s February 19th 2018 at 5 P.M. Check the details here.

Jan 24, 2018

How autism freed me to be myself | Rosie King - A Ted Ed Lesson

This is one of the Ted Ed Lessons based on Ted Talks that I have been trying to put together. It is not final yet, but to know if it works, it needs trying out... I share it as an example of what I hope to be sharing with pupils (They will not "do" the work during the online lesson, but they may want to do it later. I hope to showi one way kids can work on their English on their own and, if teachers want to, in class). "Lemida Becherum" is a "Targil". which means we will be practicing the delivery of online lessons (and content). It's worth giving it a try (and learning from mistakes). Please do let me know if you eventually use this lesson and find, as you probably will, what to improve). Best wishes!

Link to the Ted Ed lesson

Ted Talks to Improve (pupils') English

This is a post I have shared on the English Teachers Community on Facebook: Hi! Well, it's not Moodle this time, but "Ted Talks to improve your (meaning teenage pupils,) English". During the third week of February there will be the annual "Lemida Becherum" in whose framework I hope to be delivering an online lesson in English aimed at 10th / 11th and 12th grade pupils (and teachers, too, if colleagues want to join). Details are being finalized, but my intention is to discuss, show, get pupils to interact online, and perhaps inspire them to give TED a try and actually take at least one Ted Ed lesson. Some of you may have done that, too. I am trying my lessons out with pupils I teach (Nope: they are not subjects for experiments... I am just trying different ways to engage them). I would be grateful if and when that online lesson takes place, you encourage your pupils to join. More details, soon. Thanks for your time!

Jan 13, 2018

EVO 2018 has started!

Thanks to (once again!) Dr. Nellie Deutsch, I have enrolled on two EVO 2018 sessions: "EBO 20118 Teaching Listening" and "EVO Flipped Learning". I am sure I will learn quite a lot, and get to interact with a large international community of colleagues.