Oct 31, 2018

How to get your Ministry of Education Moodle site(s)

This is how teachers of English in the Israeli educational system can get their own Moodle Learning Environment(s) for free.

WIIFM? What's in it for me? Why use Moodle?

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it ", they say". Well, our English lessons "ain't broke", but there is always something new we, teachers, can do to make our work better, more efficient, and engaging. It can both benefit us professionally and answer the "WIIFM?" question.

 I hope you find that something new, and the answer on this video, and if you get a good laugh, then that's even better

Oct 27, 2018

MOE Moodle: Course Formats

שבוע טוב! אין לי מושג אם יש מורים לאנגלית ששוקלים להשתמש במוודל של משרד החינוך. כמורה לאנגלית נראה לי שאם יש, אז כדאי שיכירו את מוודל באנגלית (ולא משום שההסברים בעברית לא מספיק ברורים).  אז הנה עוד סרטון אחד 
שאני משתף גם בקבוצות פייסבוק של מורי אנגלית בישראל.

I have no idea if there are English teachers who are considering using the Moodle Platform of the Ministry of Education. As an English teacher, it seems to me that if there are, then they should be helped to become familiar with Moodle in English (and not because the explanations in Hebrew are not clear enough). There is no workshop in English in sight, so here's one more video, just in case somebody is interested. Using a Learning environment such as Moodle, Google Classroom and Microsoft's 365 makes a difference. 

Oct 6, 2018

What are the MOE Moodle Platform Icons?

 I have been asked whether there will eventually be a new and updated nationwide, fully online "How to use Moodle in the English Classroom Workshop". I don't know yet, but the effort is being made to turn this "out of the box" proposal into reality. In the meantime, and in order to make colleagues less daunted by the idea of ever working with Moodle, allow me to introduce you to one of its most useful "ingredients": The Moodle Icons. They will make Moodle tasty (and easy) to try. Have a great week!