Feb 2, 2014

Google Drive - Blended Learning at Kugel

When it comes to using Google Drive Tools, there is no doubt that Adele Raemer, a colleague from the South of israel,  can teach even Google people what to do with them. Anyway, inspired byher example, and hoping to show that you can think (and act) out of the box with different student populations, I have just made a video showing some of the work we have been doing with some Google tools in the Special Education 10th grade English class.

For me, Blended Learning is not just with Moodle, though that is my favorite, of course. Don't think that I don't have to convince kids that this is studying English, too! They seem to have been made to believe that worksheets and printed books are "the right way to study", even if it is the same over and over again... You have to make some believe that they can do more (and better) than that. Here's the clip

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