Oct 8, 2017

Unit 3 Challenge Compendium

Link to the Infographic

This info graphic meets the requirements of the challenge:

Compendium of good practices

Finally, you should begin by systematically looking at the work of others and learning from it.

We suggest that you look on the Internet for at least 5 teaching-learning experiences which are explained in some detail and show how they have used technology-enriched assessment. These should be good evaluation practices that take advantage of technology’s potential. You can gather them in a compendium of good practices, a catalogue, which should include the same sort of information on each of them. They should then be made easily accessible to you and your colleagues in your Portfolio. You could make a visual presentation, such as an infographic.

We know that you have already looked for good examples of others' practices, but here we are asking you to record these for you and for others. This compendium should introduce your colleagues in your educational organization to new and good experiences that could help them rethink the evaluation process. 

Write the public URL (web address) of your portfolio in the text box below, so that all the entries you type in the portfolio are added in the 'Evidence of Learning' tab in the MOOC top navigation menu.

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