Jun 12, 2016

ETwinning Course: Collaborative ICT actvity involving Google Tour Builder and Google Spaces

The following is “an ICT activity which is part of the collaborative project [I] expect to launch in the future and that involves real collaboration, thereby obtaining a tangible and measurable end result that is directly related to the project [I am] planning and developing”.

ICT Tools to be used:
  1. Google Tour Builder
  2. Google Spaces
  3. Google Translator (so as to use “text-to-Voice” when creating a clip). There is a possibility of using Voki instead)
  4. D. Screencast O'Matic (so as to create a clip)
  5. Youtube ( where the clip can be hosted)

Pupils in each school that participates in the project will create the beginning of a Virtual Tour Using Google tour Builder. They will also open a Space on Google Spaces where mixed groups of students from all schools involved will collaborate to create the Tour.

When the Virtual Tour is ready, each “host” school will upload a video of the Tour created with Screencast O'Matic and uploaded on Youtube. The Clip will then be shared on the ETwinning Platform of the project.

Example of activity.
Name of the activity:”Let’s visit Israel”

The following video serves to illustrate the beginning of a Virtual Tour of Israel.

This activity aims at both improving pupils' English (all skills) and their use of ITC to collaborate and create a final product. Since the idea is to invo;ve pupils in the creation and evaluation process, a Rubric to evaluate the final product (s) will be negotiated among pupils and teachers.

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