Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Feb 24, 2016

We have started a Movement

Hi! News update concerning the "How to use Moodle in the English Classroom" Pisga Holon Workshop:
We have reached our goal: 100 participants from all over the country!
Different schools, different areas, different people, yet one goal: we are going to learn from each other and apply what we learn right away. This is teachers for teachers. Thanks to Dr. Judy Judy Dressner Steiner, Sigalit Arditi, Daphna Cohen and Pisga Holon's Dr. Orly Ramot and Yehudit Lerner who believed that there was room (and reason) for this workshop. Thanks to the 100 teachers who are willing to share their time (and invest time and effort) on the workshop. Thanks to whoever expressed interest and may not have joined this course (there might be more, who knows?). Now it's up to us! Ah... I guess I am not the lone lunatic anymore (I hope there are 100 more such lunatic who will make using Moodle at school a reality). We have started a movement!

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