Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Oct 13, 2014

Introducing how to use PowToon to introduce Moodle

My workshops at Pisga Holon will be devoted to integrating technology to teach English. While the emphasis is on teaching and learning English, tools (applications) are a means to achieving that end. Moodle with all it has to offer is at the centre of this effort, but getting teachers to use other tools is important, too. Accordingly, there will be very little talking, some modelling, and lots of practice.
In this post, I provide a sample of what I am going to be doing in my workshops: here is how I use a tool (Screencastomatic) to introduce what we are learning (Moodle) by means of another tool (PowToon) using Voice Over to record myself.
Confused? My workshops will make it easy for you to understand.

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