Dec 10, 2017

Moodle for English Projects.

 One more alternative for 5 point - 100th grade English Projects, using TED Talks as the trigger. The following example is also a follow-up to theteaching and learning of Mr. Know All.
Human Rights Week at Kugel High School, Holon - 
Pupils have been given the opportunity to prepare a project on changing the image of people with disabilities on the in the Internet and in general. Pupils who choose to prepare this project will watch one of the TED TALKS, summarize the lecture, present one of the problems raised by the speaker, do some research on the subject, and present solutions. 
Needless to say, that will all be in English. 
As for Kugel, on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day 10/12 Kugel students in all classes have "doing work" (so as to motivate pupils to learn more about the subject) related to various human rights in various ways:
- Taking pictures that give expression to Human Rights
- Looking into articles of the Declaration of Human Rights
- Producing videos
- Finding YouTube videos that show infringement of Human Rights
- Creating Posters
- Preparing Games around various Human Rights
- Choosing songs that have to do with Human Rights so that they signal the moment to go in and out of the classrooms.
- Writing and composing a song (one such clip has been uploaded to You Tube).
This week, a team will teach a special lesson about the UN Human Rights Declaration. On International Day of Rights, 10/12 homeroom teachers will devote a lesson to the subject. Pupils will also attend a lecture by a refugee assistance organization.

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