Nov 5, 2016

Screen recording Tools

131 teachers have enrolled in the"How to use Moodle in the English Classroom 2016 - 2017 Workshop". I hope that all of them have access to a Moodle Platform at school because we at Pisga Holon cannot provide them with one. While the aim was to have 100 participants, Pisga decided to let more in because we want to make sure that many participants complete the course successfully. There was a need to close registration many days ago. I am getting information as from where participants come from (schools and city/town/ willage where people live). From what I know now, people live in 53 different towns/ cities/ villages all over Israel. I also understand that there is a waiting list for the course, which means more English teachers would like to learn in English how to use Moodle. The platform is available in many schools, so these schools do not have to invest money to help teachers teach differently, and students learn differently. During the workshop, participants will use Moodle with their pupils and document their work using screen capture / screen recording tools to share their work. This is the tutorial I have shared with them when we are a bit more than a week the workshop opens.

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