Feb 24, 2016

Introducing Wizer.me

Hi! I must have tired you with that Moodle stuff I kept hammering about (if the expression is accepted ). Accordingly, now that this letting people know about the course is over, allow me to introduce a superb tool (and not a Moodle one!). I recommend it highly: Wizer.me is a free, simple and quick tool for teachers to create their own interactive worksheets, easily find relevant materials and customize them to their needs (read more on Start Up Nation Finder). Let me introduce a Wizer example (it's not ready for students to use, though) by making fun out of ... me. Check how much it helps you create / put into use / etc. to engage your pupils. And it works well with ... Moodle (Could i not say that?). You will certainly put Wizer to better use, and learn how to use it well. Enjoy! Click to view

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