Dec 16, 2013

Review for Moodle 2.5 Multimedia - Packt Publishing

Even if you are new to the subject, adding Multimedia to your Moodle courses has become easier nowadays. While it is true that much help, and lots of "How to" sites and pages, are available on the Internet, it is both time consuming and difficult to assess its quality. As a result, the average Moodle teacher / trainer may be at a loss when trying to figure out what is best when it comes to including pictures, sound, video, animations, interactive elements, and more in Moodle courses.

Well, not any more. "Moodle 2.5 Multimedia - Quick and easy ways to add multimedia to your Moodle courses" by João Pedro Soares Fernandes comes in very handy. Moodle teachers / trainers will find answers to any number of questions that may leave them baffled. To mention but a few, " How do I configure Moodle for multimedia?", "Where do I get the best  images under an Attribution license, which means that we can use these images without many restrictions, except for citing the author?" , "How do I best add these images to my course?", "Can I add sound to a forum?",  "If yes, then how?",  "Should I link or embed a video clip?", "What is the difference, and how does that look on my course?", "When adding multimedia, how do I figure out  what the HTML language and signs mean?",  "Why is that important?" … And so on and so forth. Different users may come up with different questions, but all of them will find their answers on Soares Fernandes' book .

I myself am not expert on adding multimedia to my Moodle courses, so I have found myself checking and doing things in ways. "Moodle 2.5 Multimedia" advises. Using the Online PDF version of the book, I have been able to turn to recommended websites that are just a click away. The images provided in the books have been of great help too.
As a book lover, I am sure I would enjoy the paperback edition as much as the online one.

The book was written around the design of an online course called Music for everyday life using Moodle. As I see it, that online course deserves a positive site review on its own. It may inspire teachers and trainers who run professional courses and have experience in the use of Moodle even if they had created quite a few courses before getting to know it.

As a teachers who has been creating courses on Moodle for just the last two years, I have lots of good words to say about . "Moodle 2.5 Multimedia". I can recommend it highly indeed.

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