Nov 9, 2016

EUN - Collaborative Teaching and Learning - reporting on a task

I am taking part in yet another awsome online course provided by The European Schoolnet Academy Team: Collaborative Teaching and Learning
The quality of the course's contents is enhanced by the interaction among participants. I must admit I cannot interact as much as I would like to simply because there is not enough time to do so. I do follow and react to comments whan I can, and try to complete the tasks on time.
Part of the course involves presenting some work, so as to get fellow participants t review it, and also reviewing fellow participants' work. I have reviewed three very good tasks from colleagues (two from italy and one from Portugal). It's been my pleasure to say that they have had great ideas (and well presented, too).
One of the tasks I have reviewed is from V.M. (I have not asked permission to write her name), who os an English teahers from Portugal. V. has come up with an activity that I might use with my pupils, so the course may eventually "give" me much more than I though I would (I say will) get.

The following is a link to the activity I porposed, and which I am carrying out with my pupils at Kugel High School (we have just begun). It includes reviews from peers at the EUN course

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  1. Thank you, Eduardo. I also intend to "copy" your activity.Perhaps we can share more activities in the future. I also work with Moodle and assess students through it. I didn't include any reference in my lesson plan . Our school offers us the opportunity to share info with other teachers and give students some support through Moodle in the classroom or at home.Perhaps we can share. best regards virginia