Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Nov 15, 2014

MOOC ‘Innovación en la Formación Continua’ - Unit 2

  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind as to the benefits of taking part in MOOCs such as this one. This is another course in which I learn with, and from, Spanish speaking people  (many of whom are teachers like me, but others whose professional background is quite different from mine). While I like the input from the organizers and facilitators, the added value comes from what participants share. 

The subject of unit 2 is "Social Media" (Redes sociales: fundamentos, utilidades y uso en el aprendizaje.) Following are some contributions from participants that I particularly liked. I have also exchanged a few words with a few ppeople, and I guess I should give it a better try to keep the connection going on. Incidentally, I am sure that I have missed quite a few other contributions because the number of participants makes it impossible to catch up with all that is published.

 Aporte de Luis López-Cano
  Comunidades y redes sociales: de la hoguera a las nubes (#easpMOOC13)

I liked the way Luis explained the pattern of socialization - a journey from sitting around a fire to socializing by means of Social Media. This was a great input from a Special Education teacher who may have given up his dream of becoming a journalist but writes better than many who are journalists. His personal learning bio is worth paying attention to, too.

   I also learned much from  Identidad digital en las redes sociales by  Profesora: Silvia Vill  My colleague, whom I have met on another MOOC, discusses PERSONALIDAD DIGITAL (I have yet to check whether this is termed Digital Personality or Digital self in English) quite well. I recommend reading her post.

I know I should mentione more comments, but these two serve as a good example of  what is going on on this MOOC.

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  1. I feel very honored. Spreading hope and community fire seems to me a good path to some kind of global changing.
    Thank you very much, and excuse me: maybe I have a sometimes weird and far-from-perfect english.

    See you :-)