Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Eduardo Lina: Teacher, Trainer, Moodler

Aug 19, 2014

Eduardo - Shlomi (20.08.2014): Moodle for English Educational Counselors

Once you start using Moodle as a teacher, you can never go back to teaching without using Moodle. What we as teachers need is training in how to use Moodle. Nobody was born knowing how to do that, so we must get somebody to teach us so that we can teach others later on. Accordingly, we must take action concerning Moodle.

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From my presentation to English Educational Councelors

"Following Ruth Solomon's excellente presentation of Moodle, I have decided to show how Moodle can change the way you work both as English Educational Counselors and Teacher trainers and as English teachers working with pupils at school.

Part one of my presentation: Examples of Moodle platforms I have used and Moodle courses and teacher professional development courses I have facilitated / will facilitate.

Part two of my presentation: Examples of
Moodle courses at Kugel High School.

Part three: Moodle at ETAI..."

Summer 2014

Summer 2013

Kugel on Moodle (Prezi presentaion)- Eduardo Lina

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